Power Rangers (2017) Movie Soundtrack Info Released!


New information on the Power Rangers movie’s soundtrack has been brought to the light!

The soundtrack will be digitally released the same day the film comes to theaters, March 24th. It will hit shelves in stores April 7th.

The soundtrack will be composed by Primetime Emmy-nominee Brian Tyler, who has composed many features for Marvel Studios such as: Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The Track list goes as follows..

1. Power Rangers Theme (4:22)
2. Seek Those Who Are Worthy (2:50)
3. Zordon Awakens (2:15)
4. It’s Morphing Time! (3:21)
5. Destiny (2:19)
6. Confessions (4:22)
7. Megazord (4:20)
8. United (2:46)
9. Birth Of A Legend (4:12)
10. Metamorphosis (2:40)
11. Goldar (2:03)
12. The Morphing Grid (3:59)
13. The Zords (2:35)
14. Let’s Ride (2:20)
15. You Were Born For This (2:05)
16. Reflection (2:15)
17. The Lost Ship (3:00)
18. I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours (2:24)
19. Be Who You Want To Be (2:08)
20. Hold The Line (3:36)
21. This Is What Matters (2:06)
22. Trespassing (1:05)
23. Rita (2:30)
24. Square One (1:12)
25. Power On (2:34)
26. Together We Stand (2:21)
27. The Final Stand (2:46)
28. Go Go Power Rangers End Titles (2:59)

Many fans are eager to hear what Tyler has done to modernize/recreate the original Go Go Power Rangers! theme. The music for Power Rangers has always been as iconic as the heroes themselves. Seeing the five teenagers with attitude battling monsters and piloting their Megazord on the big screen will be a joy for fans of the original series. Power Rangers has been a property since the early 90’s, and it is still going strong on television today. Which means that this movie could bring in an audience much bigger than the older fans.

– Justin La Turno

Source PowerRangersNow

Power Rangers is directed by Dean Isrealite and will be released March 24th, 2017.


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