Did the Nintendo Switch deliver on the hype? 

Nintendo finally released the long awaited nintendo switch on March 3. I waited in line anxiously at midnight to pick up my console and copy of the newest instalment in the Zelda series: Breath of the wild. Once I had my console clutched in my anxious hands I rushed home to get it setup. Setup for the nintendo switch is one of the easiest setups I have encounted EVER for a console.The switch offers multiple ways you can play a game such as placing the console on the dock amd playing from the controller, playing on the console with the joycon controllers connected, playing with the console sitting on a surface via kickstand while holding the joycons freely or connected to the game pad, to even passing a joycon controller to a buddy and setting the console on a table and playing impromptu multiplayer. All around I was very impressed with the nintendo switch and it exceeded my expectations. The home menu is the most uncluttered and easy to access home menu of any console out on the market right now. The menu is easily accessible by  tapping the home button on the right joycon amd instantly snaps to the home screen while simultaneously suspending your gameplay while not completely exiting.(much like the snap function on an xbox one) When you first unbox the switch it will come with the console(the screen essentially), two joycons(a left and a right), joycon straps(one for each joycon in case of a motion game), HDMI cable, the nintendo dock, joycon grip(essentially a controller dock), and an ac adapter.Nothing about this console feels cheap and that is one of the reasons I personally love this console. The controller is easy to get used to and the joysticks glide ever so easily. When placing the console into the dock there is only a couple second delay before your gameplay can be seen ok a television. Yes, the nintendo switch did indeed live up to the hype.

The nintendo switch is currently in stores around the country

The switch console itslef sells for $299.99 with games ranging 50 to 60 dollars with cheaper games on the nintendo store to download such as indie games

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