Spawn Reboot Looking for a ‘Dark R’ Rating

Fresh out of Emerald City Comic Con at the Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane spotlight panel, we got a small update on the Spawn reboot. As all interviews with Todd McFarlane go, the conversation eventually led to his most popular creation, Spawn.


The panel moderator, Clare Kramer, inquired on the status of the heavily rumored Spawn reboot. McFarlane had this to say, “I’m hoping by San Diego I have a big announcement, of, uh, a Spawn movie, right? So, a big announcement coming. We’re working on it.”

He elaborated further stating that while both Logan and Deadpool were rated R, they were not nearly to the level he wanted the Spawn movie to be at. The original Spawn movie was rated PG-13, which many say held the movie back considering how dark and mature the character is portrayed in the comics. Although, these comments by Mcfarlane should excite Spawn fans. This means they may very well see a more honest and true to character interpretation of Spawn on the big screen.

640.jpg (640×360)

The subject was rounded out with Mcfarlane asking the crowd if they wanted Stan Lee to cameo in the new Spawn movie which got a lot of positive reactions from the crowd.

Watch the Whole Panel Here

San Diego Comic Con starts July 20th, 2017, so it’s only a few months away! Keep an eye on SuperBroMovies to stay updated on the Spawn reboot. – Jake Sitarski

Source – Bleeding Cool


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