“Legends of Tomorrow” S2:Ep 13 “Land of the Lost” Review/Recap


This week’s episode of Legends was, well, just like the rest of them. An hour long thrill ride filled with unexpected turns and captivating visual effects. 

After taking a week off, Legends picked up right where it left off after the gang waged war with the armies of the legendary Camelot and used technology from the year 3000 to stop a Rip Hunter controlled group of knights in shining armor. Following the dramatic conclusion and a heartfelt speech from Jax, Rip seems to continue to be the brain-washed, mind-warped puppet of the Legion of Doom. Still aware of the loyalty Gideon has to him, Rip methodically prompted the artificial intelligence to follow his command as the scene faded to black and we were left sitting on the edges of our seats.

And, boy, did tonight’s edition of the Arrowverse’s resident super-powered team up live up the expectations fans had built in the last 14 days.

legends 2.jpg

This Spear of Destiny has been a literal thorn in the side of the Legends for weeks. With multiple people dying in order to hid it, Sara and Jax begin this episode by trying to locate this reality changing tool. Nathan Heywood reveals to us that his grandfather, Citizen Steel, has been affected by Rip’s plot to scatter the Justice Society of America, the team leaders jump into action.

Spaniard. Broad. Bicycle.

And with those words, Rip Hunter has taken the control of the Waverider and the crew he has been brainwashed into sabotaging and killing. Gideon fell victim to an override command and caused the ship to fall 70 MILLION years in the past. That’s right. Rip Hunter has zero disregard for the lives of the people he has brought into this world.

Spectrum Protocol? I guess bringing a prisoner who know the ship better than you do on-board is a bad idea. After, an intense introduction to the episode, Heat Wave punches Rip right in the face and we’re left with our heroes, no LEGENDS, stuck in the ice age?!!??!

legends 3


Ray Palmer, being the beautiful nerd he is, is returning to the time he was sent to when he was time-scattered during the events of the finale of season 1. Professor Stein and Heat Wave continue their blossoming bromance by coming up with an idea to get Rip back. “Good” Rip that is. (Side note: I LOVE RAY PALMER)

As is the trend for this program, every week fans are treated to the development of small groupings of the team. Amaya and Nathan have been very flirtatious and even engaged in sexual intercourse during the Revolutionary War but they have yet to become an “item.”

legends 1.jpg

Rip’s mind seems to be ripe for the picking. He’s been toyed with by the Legion of Doom since he was discovered to be BFF’s with George Lucas. Jax, Professor Stein, Heat Wave, and Sara (the faithful leader) debate about who is going to take the risk to venture into the mind of their former friend.

Meanwhile, Amaya is all about Nathan. Becoming Commander Steel has given him the charm and high levels of swagger worthy of fraternizing with a goddess like Vixen. She reveals that her run in with Star Girl in Camelot helped her decide how she feels about him before Ray ruins the tension by being chased by a giant dinosaur.

Sara and Jax find their way into the mind of Rip Hunter and are suddenly stuck in the middle of a war between Stormtroopers and a clone of the White Canary (Sara) herself.

legends 4

Jax, who has been proven to serve as the proxy for the viewers at time, is understandably distraught by this new development.

It’s Sara vs Sara in an unfathomable battle. Real Sara proves her dominance as Jax catches Fake Sara off guard and blasts her. As they are fighting their way through Rip’s mind, Ray is busy showing Amaya and Nathan around the home he built while he was stranded in this jurassic park. As he leaves to hunt and prepare food for his friends, they go to get it on only to be interrupted by Ray happily offering them a dead iguana.

Back inside of Rip’s mind, Sara is outnumbered by Fake Ray and Heat Wave and thrown into the brig where she comes across a frightened Rip Hunter. This is the “Good” Rip, they’ve been searching for. Jax, while patrolling the perimeter meets the embodiment of Gideon and is mind blown (AS AM I).

After the commercial, it is proven that Rip’s current state is due to the corruption of Eobard Thawne (Reverse Flash) and the personification of Gideon is still standing on the good side. On the other side of the the episode, Ray explains the plot of CW’s “Vixen,” an animated TV series available on CW Seed, Amari, the version of Vixen in 2017 and has appeared on “Arrow,” is the granddaughter of Amaya and Ray fears her future will be alters if Nathan and Amaya fall in love.

Heat Wave is being his normal brooding self. Mentioning Captain Cold and helping Professor Stein realize that Jax is his partner and not his child.

legends 5.jpg


“I’m Rip Hunter. Captain of the Waverider.” *FEELS*

But unfortunately, he is unable to break he and Sara free. After Jax and real life Gideon saves them, Sara hits on her and comments on her hotness. Typical. This leads to the climax of the episode. Jax and Sara vs Jax and Sara, featuring ACTUAL Gideon stating that she will always look after Rip Hunter. Evil Jax has his cloud surrounding his fire powers as Evil Firestorm and Jax is totally prepared for it. SARA SNAPS EVIL SARA’S NECK.

Back to the trio in dinosaur land, Ray steps up to fight a large, predatory T-Rex named Gertrude while Amaya and Nathan argue about Commander Steel. Amaya is Vixen. Which means she can summon the spirit of any creature and embody its power. She does this and has a “heart to heart” with the terrifying T-Rex.

RIP RETURNS. RIP RETURNS. RIP RETURNS. He confirms his real self by referring to Jax as “Mr. Jackson.” Gideon irl apparently is the gateway to Rip’s soul. She talks him off the proverbial ledge, kisses him and he comes back as the guy we all know and love. Rip Hunter is aware of everything he did under the spell of the Legion and now has to share the duties of being caption with Sara. He is humbled and repentant. HE. IS. BACK. AND. EMBRACED.

Also: romance between Rip and an AI is weird.

Rating: 10/10

I enjoyed the evolution of Amaya and Nathan’s relationship, Rip is back but confused, Ray is FAR too trusting, and Vixen > tyrannosaurus rex.

NEXT WEEK: The team has to stop Reverse Flash from ruining the Moon Landing.

  • Christian Hubbard

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays on the CW at 8:00PM Central

When heroes alone are not enough… the world needs legends. Having seen the future, Rip Hunter will desperately try to prevent certain events from happening, by time-traveling; Now Rip Hunter is tasked with assembling a desperate group of heroes and villains to confront an unstoppable threat – not only is the planet at stake, but our timeline itself. The Great Question being asked here is can this ragtag team defeat an immortal threat unlike anything they have ever known?

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