“Legion: Chapter 5” Recap/Review

If you are unaware of the completely insane X-Men spin-off show airing every Wednesday on FX, you are missing out! Legion follows the trials and tribulations of being a mutant with telepathic in a world where mental illness is treated as if it was the plague. Dan Stevens brilliantly brings David Haller (the biological son of Professor Charles Xavier) to life with a nonstop sense of manic. 


Chapter 5 begins with David apparently gaining control of his powers. He creates an illusion in which he and Syd can finally touch and be with one another. He finally gets a grasp over his incredibly powerful telepathic abilities. He goes in to finally kiss the girl who he’s fallen madly in love with and yet has never been able to physically act on them. As this moment fans have been waiting for since the very beginning happens, we get a long pan shot ending a disgusting group of bugs swarming and crawling all over David’s bowl of strawberries.

Melanie Bird’s true motives for protecting and ‘caring’ about David is finally revealed. She believes David can bring her late husband back from the dead/astral plane. She moves on to trying to convince David to not run off and save his sister from the team that would do her harm. But David is too cunning. Sometime between the events of this episode and the previous he has grown confident in his abilities and uses them to manipulate Bird into ultimately achieving his goal. She asks him to bring her husband back. David smirks.

All of sudden.. David and Syd are back in the astral plane and doing the deed. That’s right folks. They were banging. Syd reveals the tragic story of how she lost her virginity by using her powers to sleep with her mom’s boyfriend and it is a doozy.

David get’s, once again, taken over by Lenny. She ruins everything.


Bird and Syd are arguing about David. Bird raises a good point about Davis behavior since returning form his memories last week. (See Chapter 4 for details)

DAVID HAS KILLED EVERYONE WHO HE THINKS HURT HIS SISTER. He has full control over his abilities and none of this makes any sense. Confusion has been the common theme throughout this show’s run and the trend is continuing as the series progresses. Confusion is not always a bad thing as it causes viewers to tune in to see just what happens next. This is followed by the actual footage of David running through and dismantling the guards of this super-prison in which his sister is being help.

Then all of a sudden we see an infrared version of the situation and it i not David. It’s the terrifying blob of a creature that has been haunting him (and us) since day one.


The doctor behind some of the torture of David and his sister has seen the truth, the disgusting and terrible truth, to Syd. He’s aware of what this thing is and confirms this by saying “it wears a human face.”

Cary pitches the idea that confirms this parasite (I’m going to call it “IT”). The gross thing is living inside of David for 30 years. *MIND BLOWN* Syd is sucked back into the fake world David/IT has created and she reveals where he is. Tensions rise.


He’s back at his child home with is sister.

God. IT has taken the form of Lenny. Lenny is her usual crazy self. She reveals that she has been the terrifying presence that has haunted him throughout his life. Anndddd David was adopted. IS THIS WHEN WE GET THE OFFICIAL PROFESSOR X EASTER EGG?!?!

As Syd and Bird’s ream approach, everything goes silent.

I mean totally silent. It’s chilling.

This show is beautifully filmed and edited. It is thrilling and chaotic and unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. David is undeniably one of the greatest characters on television and his struggle s as a tortured and mentally ill individual should be commended and awarded for years to come.  With the looming mental threat of whatever IT is and David’s unmatched love and affection for Syd amplifies everything tot he next level. It is a reminder that comic book adaptations are meant to serve a purpose.

Rating: 7/10 It wasn’t my favorite of the season but it covered several plot holes and continued the ongoing struggle. Can’t wait for next week!

  • Christian Hubbard

Legion airs Wednesdays at 9:00pm Central 

Legion, based on the Marvel Comics by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz, is the story of David Haller (Dan Stevens), a troubled young man who may be more than human. Diagnosed as schizophrenic as a child, David has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for years.


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