The Walking Dead: Bury Me Here- Minor Spoiler Review

With only three episodes left in this season of The Walking Dead things definitely needed to pick up in order for the groups to team up against The Saviors and Negan. Tonights episode nicknamed bury me here did just that. With tensions high between the Kingdom and the Saviors many things were bound to happen.

The episode started with Morgan visiting Carol who told her of Alexandria’s deal with the Saviors. The scene then changed to King Ezekiel and his group preparing to give an offering to the Saviors but gets interrupted by one of the residents telling Ezekiel some of the crops have contracted a disease. The group goes to deliver the offering but come up short somehow. The Saviors are upset and demand something be done, something similar that happened at the beginning of the season unfortunately. After what happens the group goes to Carol for help who after that goes to the Kingdom and demands to speak to Morgan. Morgan then goes back to the scene and finds the part that was missing from the offering and knows instantly who hid it. Morgan confronts the perpetraitor who in turn tells part of his backstory, one that we did not know of yet. The group from the Kingdom go back to meet the Saviors and return what is lost and the unthinkable happens. Morgan snaps and ruins his no kill pact that he made with himself.

Morgan then has a sequence that involves flashbacks to when he was in a rough place where he did not care about life and after his sons death early in the series. It was such a genuine scene that broke my heart to see one of my favorite characters struggle from such a rough plave that he was in.

Morgan goes back to Carol to say goodbye who then talks him out of what he was going to do. Carol gives him advice and talks him down from going on a one man war with the Saviors and Carol moves in with the Kingdom. Carol talks to Ezekiel who in turn says adamantly that he is ready for war!

This episode was done very well and the direction was superb. But it was a step down from last weeks episode following Rick and Michonne.

7/10 For tonights episode

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8 central

The series follows a group of survivors as they struggle with the zombie apocalypse, but with other groups trying to survive as well you never know if the battle will be between walkers or the living.

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Written by Jordan Humphrey

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