Marvel’s IRON FIST Non-Spoiler Review

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Is Marvel’s latest Netflix Series, IRON FIST really as bad as the reviews make it out to be?

iron-fist-featurette-00NO, Marvel’s Iron Fist is NOT as bad as people are making it out to be, it has its hiccups but what show doesn’t? This Review will NOT discuss the controversy that was casting the titular character, other than the fact that Finn Jones does do a good job as Danny Rand. While watching the series I could not help but fall in love with Danny, his pure nativity made something unique to watch, and unlike the other Netflix Heroes, Danny is a genuine good, nice person and wants to do the right thing, leading people to walk all over him. Something else that was done really well in this show is the fact that it tackles serious real world problems like Drug Abuse, Depression, PTSD and Anxiety, making Danny, and his side characters truly relatable.

In the Marvel Netflix Universe, a common place gem would be the side characters, who often escalate to be equals with the main heroes, which in the case of Iron Fist, is no different. Colleen Wing, shortly after being introduced quickly becomes one of the best new characters in the MCU, she is NOT just a love interest, or a side character, she is Danny’s Equal and a scene stealer. I had an interesting relationship with The Meachum family, at times I found them annoying and tedious to watch, but as the season progressed their arcs became entertaining and extremely well-acted.  Throughout the season we are greeted with appearances from past Marvel Netflix characters, who continue to give great performances and help build the universe.


A mainstay in the Marvel Netflix Universe has been GREAT villains with Kingpin, The Punisher, Killgrave, Cottonmouth and more, but with saying that, my biggest issue with Iron Fist is the lack of a GREAT main villain, instead having many ok to good villains, all seeming to only stay on screen for a too short period of time, leading to a lackluster ending last scene battle, with the final villain being kind of a letdown as a villain, still a great character (trying to keep no spoilers). Fans of Iron Fist Comics will recognize a lot of the villains seen on screen, most of which for a short period of time, making me want to see future seasons and the return of these villains AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

161206102253-iron-fist-scene-780x439.jpgRemember the amazing action we got from the first two seasons of Daredevil? Weren’t you excited for all of that but with even more badass martial arts and the use of the iron fist? Well in Iron Fist Season 1 we do not get that. Not all of the action was bad, but the way it was shot was just not what I expected, way too many jump cuts, it reminded me of a Liam Neeson movie. Sprinkled into the season are some amazing action scenes, that aren’t full of jump cuts, I’m looking at Episode 6, Lewis Tan’s Character vs Danny Rand, Colleen Wing’s fight scenes (a particular sword fight near the end) and a very personal fight for Danny are truly a treat.

Iron Fist suffers from a slow, barely decent first half but does make up for it in the back half, when we get into the main story and The Defenders build up! When compared to the other Marvel Netflix Series, Iron Fist does not stack up to the heavyweight champion that is Daredevil but is either about equal or slightly behind Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Even with all the flaws Iron Fist still built up my hype for The Defenders, and I cannot wait to see Danny Rand interact with the likes of Luke, Jessica and Matt.

Parker Batkins


Iron Fist is currently streaming on Netflix

Iron Fist – Returning to New York City after being missing for years, Daniel Rand fights against the criminal element corrupting New York City with his incredible kung-fu mastery and ability to summon the awesome power of the fiery Iron Fist.


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