At 20th Century Fox’s CinemaCon presentation, attendants of the convention were treated to surprise: footage from the upcoming R-Rated Comic Book Film, Kingsman: The Golden Circle. A lot of footage was shown, and thanks to, we were able to get a description of the footage shown.The footage for the Kingsman sequel starts off with a recap of the Journey of Eggsy and how he has come to the point of being a Kingsman and protecting the world as a super spy. Here is the rest of the footage description, courtesy of

Eggsy is zipping down London streets, being chased by cars with gatling guns on top of them. He launches a missile which breaks into three and takes them all out. Someone is planning to take out the Kingsman. The Kingsman mansion is destroyed, as is the tailor. Eggsy is offered a drink as the answer to all their problems. The bottle says Kentucky, so they go to Kentucky where they meet Channing Tatum’s character, who has a southern accent and is part of the Statesmen. Colin Firth’s Harry Hart is being kept in a cell and is now sporting an eyepatch. Robotic dogs are killed. An electric lasso cuts a man in half. Back to together again, Hart and Eggsy get ready for battle. A fight ensues in a ski lift with an American flag parachute opening. Eggsy tells Tatum, “That’s very American.” To which he replies, “F–k yeah.” It’s all playing out to Elton John’s 1973 classic song “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting.”

Elton-John-Kingsman-The-Golden-Circle-Poster-Tease.jpgThis footage description reveals a lot of what fans of the original Kingsman film were wondering (myself included). Apparently, Colin Firth’s character really is alive, even though he was thought to be killed by Samuel L Jackson’s character after one of the best action scenes of 2015. The inclusion of the Elton John song should not be surprising, considering that he will play a role in the film as well.

The Inclusion of the Statesman in the footage, along with Channing Tatum’s character, is a welcome one as well, as seeing a new American Version of the Kingsman should rpove to provide humorous and bad-ass sequences. What Julianne Moore’s character will be doing trying to destroy the Kingsman, is anyones guess, and something I will be looking forward to seeing later on this year. Let us know on the SuperBroMovies twitter if you’re excited for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. – Ernesto Valenzuela


Kingsman: The Golden Circle Releases on September 29, 2017

Kingsman: The Golden Circle- Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and Merlin (Mark Strong), two British spies, travel to the United States to join forces with their American counterparts.

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