Manu Bennett Set To Return as DEATHSTROKE on ‘ARROW’, Showrunner Reveals Season Finale Title


Ever since Arrow’s second season, fans have had the general consensus that Manu Bennett’s Slade Wilson/Deathstroke has been the best villain the series has seen, with his character bringing a certain gravitas to every scene he was in, and Manu delivering a great performance as the big bad. Now, a tweet has surfaced that suggests Manu is making a comeback.While Slade Wilson made a comeback in Arrow Season 3 for a one episode appearance, fans were not too happy to see their favorite and intimidating villain get his ass handed to him by Olivers younger and more inexperienced sister, Thea. After this, The actor and the fans became a bit hostile towards the show for the way they treated a fan favorite character. However, it now looks like Arrow is returning to form more than ever before, if this new tweet by Stephen Amell is anything to go by:

Arrow has shown much improvement since it’s lackluster Seasons 3 and 4, as Season 5 has gone darker and more personal than the show has ever been in years, with Oliver in an intense physical and psychological battle with Prometheus. The inclusion of Slade in an upcoming episode and the caption of the picture being “Desperate Times call for desperate measures” suggests there might be a team up coming around the corner. If Oliver is indeed teaming up with the man who killed his Mother, then he must really be desperate indeed. Further confimration of deathstrokes return can be seen by this tweet:

Showrunner Marc Guggenheim was also kind enough to release the episode title for the Season 5 Finale, and it is quite the interesting one as well, providing a title that I believe will bring everything full circle since Arrow’s Pilot episode. Take a look:

The title ‘Lian Yu’ backs up the statement made before about the Season Finale not taking place in Star City. Straying away from the usual formulaic season finale which ends with Oliver saving the city is a welcome change, and a Season Finale I very much look forward to watching! – Ernesto Valenzuela

Source- Twitter

ARROW Returns April 26 with its 19th Episode, ‘Dangerous Liaisons’






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