The Button Part 1 Review

It is finally time for one DC’s Rebirth event story to begin. The Button which was first hinted when Rebirth launched has finally released the first part of the event story starting in Batman Rebirth issue 21. Warning right now there will be spoilers so please read at your own caution.

To start this mostly anticipated crossover we are first shown Saturn Girl in Arkham Asylum watching a hockey game. She than starts screaming saying Superman wont save us and that the legion will die. At the same time we see that two players in the hockey game start fighting as Saturn Girl is screaming about it. That also happens to be the only time we see her in the issue.


We than cut to Bruce in the Bat Cave examining the Smile Button from the beginning of Rebirth. Bruce is playing with the button in his hand before he puts it on a table next to Psycho-Pirate’s mask. The button and the mask react to each causing Bruce to get hit by what appears to be lightning from the Speed Force. Bruce than sees his father Thomas as Flashpoint Batman calling for him but it appears to only be an illusion. Bruce calls Barry telling him to get to the cave because the button might have ripped a hole in the Speed Force. Unfortunately Barry is fighting thirty seven samuroids and tells Bruce he will be there in one minute. The clock starts ticking till Barry arrives but after two seconds a streak comes into the Bat Cave with Bruce saying he never expected Barry to be early. Only this time it wasn’t Barry it was Eobard and he comes swinging at Bruce.


Eobard talks about how he has been dead for a while and that he should still be dead for some more time but the button woke him and called for him. Batman tries to snake up on him but Eobard lets Batman phase through his body. Eobard than starts to beat down Batman as the clock is still ticking before Barry shows up. As Eobard has the upper hand he throws Batman through the cave before coming upon the note Thomas made for Bruce during Flashpoint. Eobard talks about how Thomas killed him and start mocking Bruce about the note. Eobard than shows off how merciless he is and destroys the note right in front of Bruce making Bruce in rage.


Batman is now pissed and tells Reverse Flash to get out of the cave. Eobard laughs saying he can’t doing anything because he can just phase. Batman than points out that when he blurs he can’t stand steady unless something solid is touching the ground and than stabs Eobard’s foot with a batarang making Eobard solid again. Batman starts laying it don on Eobard getting in a few good hits before Eobard claps his hands together causing a sonic burst to throw Batman back into the computer. Eobard than phases his foot away from the Batarang with Bruce telling him again to get out of the cave. Eobard tells Bruce he can’t win with Bruce saying he doesn’t need to he just needs eleven more seconds before Barry shows up. The two than start going at it exchanging blow after blow. As the clock hits zero Eobard has the upper hand with Bruce saying “Overtime” before Eobard lands a big hit on him.


Eobard, with Batman defeated, walks to the button and picks it up wanting to know the mystery of it. Then with a flash of light Eobard is gone again seemingly with the button having teleporting him. Another flash of light goes off with Eobard appearing back in the cave this time disintegrating while saying he has saw God before be turning into just bones and his costume. Barry than runs into the cave telling Bruce he is sorry for being late but that he stopped at the hockey game from the beginning of the issue to try and save the man but he was too late.As Barry finishes the sentence he sees Bruce on teh floor and the remains of Eobard.


This was for sure an interesting way to begin this event.  The reintroduction of Saturn Girl poses interesting questions like why is she saying Superman won’t save them and why will the Legion die. Seeing Eobard return was such a great thing about it and seeing Bruce able to outsmart him and them go blows for blows was amazing. I wish Flash was actually there to help out and see his greatest rival. I also think since this is suppose to be a big event that the issue should have gone a little longer but in one week we will get the next part. Everybody that has been reading the Rebirth series should pick up this issue even if you aren’t reading Batman just to see this big event unfold. – Johnathan brin

Rating: 9/10

Batman Rebirth Issue 21 (The Button Issue 1) is now available 

Part two will be released on April 26th, 2017 on The Flash #21


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