New Details And Trailer For Call Of Duty: WWII

Today Acitivison showed its first in-depth look at next years sure to be a hit game Call Of Duty: WWII by releasing it’s first trailer.

The campaign will take place 1944-1945 from the Battle of Normandy to the liberation of Paris till you make you way throughout Germany, you are a Private named Ronald “Red” Daniels from Texas, the rumored start of the game is a prologue in Texas that is a talk between Red, and is World War I war hero father. The main cast of the game includes Josh Duhamel, Jonathan Tucker, and Jeffrey Pierce. Call Of Duty: WWII will also feature a separate co-op campaign.

As for multiplayer they didn’t give us much info and said we would learn more at this years E3. What we did learn though is that Call Of Duty: WWII will have a social hub for their multiplayer, it will also be “boots on the ground” fighting. We were told of a few new game modes but were given the most info on the new game type called “War”. War will place you in iconic World War 2 battles, with objective-focused Axis versus Allied gameplay, you must also choose between classed called “divisions” including “Infantry and Armored Divisions” much like Battlefield style class selection I believe.


Also confirmed to return is one of Call Of Duty fan-favorite Zombies mode. Zombies first came into Call Of Duty when Call Of Duty: World At War introduced “Nazi Zombies”. The games developers said it would be an entirely new story and horrifying experience, and it will be the story of the Third Reich giving one last desperate attempt to win the war in the final stages of World War 2.cod_ww2_zombies

Call Of Duty: WWII will be released on November 3, 2017 but if you pre-order you will receive access to the closed beta.

Collin Stetzner

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