‘ARROW’ S5 Ep19 “Dangerous Liaisons” Recap/Review

Adrian Chase’s identity as Prometheus is public knowledge and the manhunt is on. Team Arrow, ARGUS and the SCPD are hot on his trail but Felicity has another way to catch him and it might land her in hot water. 

The episode deals with the aftermath of Prometheus’s identity being revealed to the public. They want answers and Oliver doesn’t have any for them. This leads Felicity to turn to her Helix friends to help track down Chase. They go too far and force Felicity to help them with their own sketchy project, one that gets in the way of ARGUS business.

It then becomes a moral battle, Felicity vs. Team Arrow. Who is going about catching Chase the right way? This may have led to some surprising allegiance changes that will have ramifications going forward.  The episode also featured a touching side story involving Wild Dog attempting to get custody of his daughter back.


“Dangerous Liaisons” didn’t feature as much action as a typical episode of ‘Arrow. But what it lacked in that department it made up for in scenes full of discussions of morals and how far people are willing to go. Unfortunately there was not enough of this to keep the episode all that enticing.

Much like ‘The Flash’ this week, the episode was used as filler to inch the story closer to a conclusion and it’s a slow burn. With that said, it was still a somewhat entertaining episode with good character moments. It also featured the return of Lyla Michaels and having her on the show is always a bonus. 7/10 –Jackson Hayes

Arrow airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on the CW

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