Venom #6 Review


The following may contain spoilers for Venom #6

What a strange path the venom symbiote has been on. Just a short while ago Flash Thompson had made peace with the klyntar (symbiote) among the ranks of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Not the most traditional Venom story to say the least.

However, with the announcement of this series that’s exactly what we were promised, a more classic approach to Venom. The first five issues told us the story of Lee Price, a sort of anti-Flash Thompson. He was also a war veteran, but since returning from war, has used his skills and talents for crime.

Lee eventually went in over his head and drew the attention of the government, and everyone’s favorite web-slinger.

Allow me to be blunt for a second, I love this issue.

While I was a big fan of Agent Venom, especially Rick Remenders run, there’s just something about seeing Spider-Man fight a huge bulky Venom.

That brings us to the art. Gerardo Sandoval draws some incredible action scenes in this issue with some great imagery. Including the likes of venom trying to drive a helicopter, and a goose-bump inducing final page.

Although, this issue is not flawless. The reasoning they give for the symbiote hating Spider-Man is a bit thin, similar also to Eddie Brock’s sudden turn at the end of this book. Although, since I love what it sets up, and we’re being promised a big anniversary issue next month that could give us more explanation for these sudden developments, I’ll forgive them for now.

If you are a fan of Venom, I would strongly encourage you to pick this up

Venom is written by Mike Costa featuring art by Gerardo Sandoval

Rating 8.5/10

Jake Sitarski

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