John Barrowman Won’t Be in the DCTV Shows Next Season

Looks like one of the original cast members from Arrow won’t be not just on Arrow but the entire Arrowverse next season. At Planet Comic Con this year the actor revealed that he will not appear in any of the CW DC shows for their next seasons. It was tweeted by Pilar Pedraza on twitter who was at the panel and tweeted out the news.

John Barrowman’s Malcom Merlyn has appeared in every season of Arrow from the start. He has also appeared in the crossovers, the musical episode of Flash and Supergirl and was part of the Legion of Doom during this season’s Legends of Tomorrow. Whether or not this means Meryln will die in this season finale of Arrow is yet to be seen. It could also mean that they do not need him at all for the new seasons but my money is they are going to kill him. We will have to wait till the Arrow season 5 finale to find out. – Johnathan Brin

Arrow airs on Wednesday at 8 PM Eastern on the CW

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