Cyborg #8 Review

As usual, Cyborg #8 stands tall in both art and story but falls flat in its dialogue. 

John Semper Jr. creates a strong story strong with well-paced action, lacking in nuance and dialogue. The characters speak what they do and it can feel forced. His social commentary is spot on but everything is written in a way that wouldn’t transpire in that exact fashion. This issue is much more character driven and dives into Cyborg’s past and his future while providing a framework for future stories revolving around his father.

The pencils are great, by Paul Pelletier and Peter Conrad. As always, the two create beautiful electronic images and good city skylines. The inks and colors are different for each artist, complementing them well.

John Semper Jr.’s storytelling is well-done, as usual, but feels forced by the unnatural dialogue. His artists always get the job done well and this is another example of two good artists who are very different yet manage to tell his story effectively with their art.

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