James McAvoy will NOT appear in ‘NEW MUTANTS’

The first two cast members of Fox’s upcoming ‘New Mutants’ were announced  this week. The film will star Maisie Williams and Ana Taylor-Joy but according to the same source at The Hollywood Reporter, James McAvoy will not reprise his role as Professor Xavier. 

Borys Kit was the one who broke the news of Williams and Taylor-Joy being cast and he followed that news up with this tweet:

McAvoy was rumored to appear in the film since its announcement. This does now beg the question, are the ‘New Mutants’ affiliated with the main X-Men franchise?

It’s also interesting to note the filming of this film and the next movie in the main X-Men franchise, ‘Dark Phoenix’, will be occurring around the same time. Little is known about the timeline of ‘New Mutants’ so McAvoy’s non involvement could make a lot more sense down the road.

Even with this news, expect some major casting news for the rest of the team coming soon as primary filming is set to begin in July. –Jackson Hayes 

Source: Twitter

New Mutants hits theaters April 13, 2018


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