New ‘INHUMANS’ Set Photos Show Look At Lockjaw

Filming for Marvel’s ‘INHUMANS’ has been underway in Hawaii for some time now. We also recently got our first official promo image, which was a little divisive to say the least. Whether you enjoyed the image or not, I’m sure you’re interested in the teleporting inhuman dog, Lockjaw, and we have a new look at the character on set. 

The image comes via Reel News Hawaii on Twitter:

The image shows what is the stand-in for the character before the CGI work is done.  We see the character near what appears to be a barn. That isn’t much to go on but it is an interesting filming location based on the source material of the show

Lockjaw is one of the most famous inhumans because of his ridiculous nature. He’s an enormous dog that has the ability to teleport and open dimensional portals. He’s become a fan favorite and has been highly anticipated since the announcement of the show.

It’ll be interesting to see the transformation from blue statue to moving and breathing dog after the VFX are done. We should see a trailer for the show soon as we get closer to the September release date and Lockjaw will likely feature prominently. –Jackson Hayes

Source: Reel News Hawaii 

Inhumans comes to IMAX theaters September 1, 2017 and debuts on ABC September 26, 2017

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