The Pieces continue to fall into place for Captain America’s Secret Empire, as the Marvel Universe continues to adapt to this new status quo.Since 2014, Secret Empire has been slowly building up. With all of this intricate planning, you would think that an event years in the making would be something else. Secret Empire is exactly that. Nick Spencer has now officially changed the Status Quo of the Marvel Universe, with heroes defeated and Hydra in control. Secret Empire #0 did a fantastic job of setting up the event, and #1 kept the traction going with a gut wrenching new look at where the Marvel Universe stands. With Issue #2, Nick Spencer manages to provide motivations for some of the characters, and in doing so takes the story to a place I never even expected to begin with.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 5.22.30 PM.png

Nick Spencer continues to surprise his readers with this issue, as when you usually think you ave things figured out about the story he is writing, he manages to do a complete 180 and leave readers shocked and wanting more. Do not get confused, however; Nick’s goal or his writing in this story isn’t one of shock value, rather, one of emotionally intense and visceral story telling, as he manages to portray broken heroes at their lowest points. Heroes aren’t the only ones getting the spotlight, either.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 5.26.25 PM.pngSome unexpected characters get to make appearances and get the spotlight in some brief scenes as well, the Kingpin in particular. The time in this comic given to certain character manages to bring more intrigue to the story, leaving you to wonder what Nick Spencer is planning next for this story. On top of all this, the heroes are given a glimmer of hope through some important intel that has split the heroes and set them on different courses that are bound to intertwine eventually in this series. In a sense, Secret Empire has become an epic quest and a race against time to stop Hydra once and for all. Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 5.28.49 PMThe last (but certainly not least) aspect that I want to go into next is the art by the amazing Andrea Sorrentino, who had previously been doing work on Old Man Logan. As I am a big fan of the Old Man Logan comic book, it was delightful and awesome to be able to see Sorrentino truly be able to show his incredible art skills in a comic book event as big as this. They coloring and shading in all the panels manages to continue to convey the feelings and aesthetic that Nick Spencer wishes to have for this story. Each panel is an intricate and beautiful piece that more than likeley makes a bigger picture in the overall page, a trademark of Sorrentino and may favorite part about all of his art.

RCO019_w_1495040578.jpgSecret Empire #2 manages to impressivley build off the previous issues before it in new and interesting ways, with more characters being added to the mix that will sure to provide some interesting scenarios. One thing not mentioned in this review is the intriguing and shock filled twist in the last page that will leave readers clamoring for more. My only complaint with this issue would be the way in which all of these things are set up at once in the story, as it felt a tad bit rushed, but even that is a nitpick. I look forward to what else Nick Spencer has up his sleeve for this series, and with talent like Sorrentino and McNiven, each issue will surely have it’s own special and beautiful panels to go well with this remarkable story.

GRADE: 9.5/10

Secret Empire #2 is now for sale on the Marvel Comics app. Contact your local comic store to pick up a copy now!

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