Injustice 2 Review “NetherRealm Studios: Gods Among Us”

Injustice 2 is the follow-up to the widely popular game “Injustice: Gods Among Us”.  This time around NetherRealm Studios gives us so many more features making Injustice 2 possibly the deepest 2D fighting game yet. There are still classic features like the campaign, single battle fights, multiplayer fights, and like the Mortal Kombat games Injustice 2 has a ladder mode. New to the game this time around is the Multiverse mode, a gear system, and online Guilds. The games full roster without DLC characters is 28 but when all DLC characters are released there will be a total of 38. I will be reviewing campaign at the end with a few spoilers so if you are here just for the campaign review you can skip until you see the words “Spoiler Warning” I wont be fully spoiling the game but there will be a few spoilers.injustice-2-screenshots

The multiplayer in the game has so far, for me, been absolutely fine. Overall i haven’t had many dropped matches and the servers for the game seem to be holding steady right after the games launch, which is pretty impressive. My biggest fear about the multiplayer before the release, was the gear system Injustice 2 has in place. Since the game “For Honor” has been released up until Injustice 2’s release me and my friends played it non stop and in every mode besides “Duel” and “Brawl” your gear/gear score can affect the very outcome of the game, with so many different “builds” with different characters the game could completely be dominated by one person. I feared the same thing would happen with this game, but really unless you and the other player both have your preference set on for fighting with gear, it wont be a factor. With modes in multiplayer like “King Of The Hill” it’s hard to get bored playing it. Also included is the AI Fighter mode where you pick a team of three to be challenged by other players all day everyday earning you coins and motherboxes, you can also challenge other players teams when online. Over all I would rate multiplayer 8/10 and really it’s only 8/10 because people will move spam you but there is really nothing the game developers could do to stop that.

Injustice-2-customization-1Now back into gear and customization of the characters. Honestly this is the best part about Injustice 2, with all the gear combinations and color schemes you can have on a character, whether you’re playing multiplayer or the multiverse you will rarely seem the same character. Almost everyone has different gear and a different color then you will have on your character and it’s brilliant, and  with some characters featuring premier skins it feels like it has added all new characters to the already impressive roster. For instance I can now play as Reverse Flash, John Stewart, Powergirl, and Mr. Freeze. You earn gear, coins, and motherboxes all by just playing the game, motherboxes are your main source for unlocking gear and color schemes. I will give character customization a 9/10 mainly due to the fact that I wish all characters had a premier skin and that no matter what every Joker I have seen or try to customize still looks absolutely stupid to me. I know it seems like little stuff but i truly feel like the game could have improved a little in this area.Injustice 2_20170517141018 The Multiverse has been a wonderful addition to the game, and is much better than S.T.A.R. LABS in the first Injustice game. There are so many different challenges everyday and it makes for great game play. While picking an Earth to fight on it will give you a little description of whats happening on the Earth, which I really enjoy and it makes me able to picture the whole scenario in my head, making the experience more enjoyable. My only two problems with the Multiverse is that after you pick one of the challenges on the earth you have to keep using that fighter till you beat that challenge, then of course you can pick a different one for the next challenge on that Earth, unless it is an Earth where the challenges can only be completed by one character. Repeatedly playing as the same character gets boring for me, I like to switch to a different fighter almost every match. The other is that a lot of final challenge bosses in the Multiverse, don’t take a lot of damage and deal a lot, this isn’t that big of a deal though because the game does have to challenge you, being able to man-handle the final challenge would make all your hard work be worth nothing. I give the Multiverse a 8/10.

Spoiler Warning For The Campaign


“Injustice: Gods Among Us” had one of the greatest game campaigns I have ever played so when Injustice 2 was announced they had a lot to live up to. The first Injustice game was groundbreaking and definitely was something people always wondered about, “what if Superman became evil?” such a simple concept, yet everyone wanted to know, and I truly believe that Injustice 2 holds its own against the first one. It gives you more back story into the universe showing you how Krypton was destroyed, and how Clark and Cara escape. It also brings us to a huge turning point into Supermans decent to evil with the very first chapter you play as Batman. Batman and Robin go to Arkham Asylum to make sure he and some of the fellow Justice league members don’t start killing prisoners. This is the same night Robin kills the famous Batman villain Victor Zsasz, and for those of you who haven’t read the comics “accidentally” kills Nightwing aka Dick Grayson the first Robin. So this is the start of Batman being alone in his battle for justice and him no longer considering Damian his son. After all backstory it jumps five years since the fall of the regime, Bruce Wayne along with Lex Luther’s wealth begins to rebuild Gotham and Metropolis and continuously convince people to move back. When he discovers a threat of a group of villains under the direction of Gorilla Grood.  This leads you to play as Harley Quinn which gives us the return of Joker in a wasted spot in the game. Including him in the game felt so unnecessary to me and his design just looks stupid.maxresdefault (2)

Next you’ll have a chapter with Green Arrow and Black Canary, it doesn’t matter who you pick for the fights in this, the same goes for when you play as Blue Bettle or Firestorm, Catwoman or Cyborg, Black Adam or Aquaman, and Batman or Superman. The only time picking a player to fight as will impact the games outcome is the very last choice and you will know when you get there. There is two endings to this game each depending on the choice you make at the end of the campaign, you can play both endings but you wil need to complete every campaign fight possible. Thats means if you played the chapter as Black Canary you will need to go back and replay it as Green Arrow the same applies to the other two character chapters of the game. The campaign for the game was really great and had my attention the whole time, the only downside to it was two major Justice League members The Flash and Green lantern were really under used. The whole game to me felt like it was just about Batman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Superman. That being said The Flash and Green Lantern both had my two favorite parts in the campaign.

If we could get that in the Flash movie that’d be great.

Seeing this gave me chills and I couldn’t help but say the oath while Hal did too. The campaign lives up to the hype of the first game and gives Brainiac more exposure to the mainstream, I’ve always really liked him as a villain was glad to see be the main reason for our heroes to reunite when they could have easily tried to tie Darkseid in to help go along with the DCEU. I would give the campaign a 9/10, and the same rating for the game as a whole. Injustice is a very, very good game, and i would recommend it to anyone who is on the bubble or just anyone wanting to buy a new game. Is it perfect? No but no game is prefect.

There is my thoughts on Injustice 2 if you have any different opinions or want to let us know how the review was, and your thoughts on the game, let us know on our Twitter account @SuperBroMovies.

Written By- Collin Stetzner

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