Finn Jones Reveals Details About ‘Iron Fist’ and ‘The Defenders’

Iron Fist himself was at the Puerto Rico Comic Con last week and he shared some awesome details about Iron Fist and The Defenders! He also teases the announcement for Season 2 of his show…


Photo Courtesy of Beautiful Losers (via Facebook)

Finn Jones talked about a variety of things at his panel(Game of Thrones, acting, & more), but the information he dropped about Iron Fist and The Defenders got people pretty excited in the room. If you want to watch some of the panel, click here or scroll all the way down this article.

He first talks about how he got the role of Iron Fist.

  • “I really wanted to see myself being a lead or a supporting lead, and I was in the airport going through my phone I get this email and the audition for Iron Fist comes through on the email…I read the character breakdown and the more I read it the more I get this..heavy feeling in my heart that this was gonna be the one. You know sometimes in life things just happen and you just know and you just have that instinct, your like this is it” – Finn Jones

He also talked about how he did screen tests for the role and found out that he was the favorite for the role; click here for the rest.

After talking about his journey to landing the role, he then talked about The Defenders. It’s obvious that he was trying his best not to be too revealing but he did give out some cool info for the upcoming Netflix series.

  • “It is 8 episodes and it takes place over a very short amount of time so It maybe takes place over like 48 hours or maybe a little bit more than that. So its got this real frenetic, fast paced energy to it. And the heroes…they don’t want to be together you know they are reluctant to join forces. They’re backed up against the wall and they have to fight together because they have no other choice.”

After being asked what he will be doing post-Defenders, he responded saying “After the world tour for The Defenders, I will be hopefully going straight into season 2 of Iron Fist and the following;

  • “And we should be hearing a confirmation within the next month or so if that’s going ahead. Which I’m hopeful and…my focus right now is to be bring this character to life the best as I can. Hopefully after the world tour of The Defenders I’m gonna have like 4 or  5 months to really just train myself, prepare myself for season 2 and so I’m just committed to this role right now.” – Finn Jones

Pretty exciting to hear how committed he is to the role and that Season 2 is coming soon. Be sure to scroll down to watch the highlights from the panel.

What do you guys think? Be sure to tweet at SuperBroMovies with your thoughts. – Marcos Melendez

The Defenders hits Netflix August 18, 2017

If you guys want to watch some of the panel here is the video below;


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