Cyborg #11 Review

Cyborg #11 is powerful. Where previous issues have felt lacking in emotion, this book features a villain whose relationship with Cyborg is painful to see. The art is good, as always, but is never consistent.

John Semper Jr. wrote a a powerful climax and ending to this issue. But it’s not the only great scene, as the issue features duels with the self and internal questioning. Semper Jr. falls short in his usual spot: dialogue. The story is great, but can feel lacking in flow brought on by forced language.

The art is great in this issue but a huge problem with the Cyborg series is inconsistency with artists. It seems like every issue has a different artist from the previous issue but this issue in particular, features multiple artists. The sudden change can be distracting, pulling the reader into reality from the story.

The book was good in just about every sense, there were just moments that felt wrong, whether it be the switch-up of art or the unnatural dialogue.

Rating: 9/10

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