David Ramsey on ‘ARROW’ Season 6 and what MARVEL character he would want to play

‘Arrow’ just concluded its 5th Season with a major cliffhanger. David Ramsey who portrays fan favorite, John Diggle, made a stop at Puerto Rico Comic Con to discuss the finale, the show and much much more. 

SuperBroMovies writer, Marcos Melendez, was live at Q&A panel in which Ramsey began by discussing the shows finale itself:

“The island as you know is gone. So there’s no more flashbacks” crowd cheers “you didn’t like the flashbacks?”

It was implied that there would be no more flashbacks when looking at what producers of the show have stated but Ramsey seemed mostly confident that we were done with them entirely.

He goes on to talk about story lines he would like to see in Season 6:

“Diggle particularly is married to the leader of ARGUS, what is going on with the suicide squad”.

Speculation rose years ago that Diggle may actually be portraying a version of the Green Lantern, John Stewart. Ramsey discussed his take on the speculation and its eventual dismissal:

“There was big speculation for a while, particularly during Seasons 1,2 and 3 of this character John Diggle being John Diggle Stewart or John Stewart Diggle and that whole mythos. And that was put to bed by the higher-ups, by the producers, and that was a little disappointing to be totally honest with you.”

David was asked a question about his take on The Arrowverse and the DCEU being separated. To which he gave a very political answer.

“You know no one would have loved to have seen Grant Gustin more than me up there playing the Flash. I think Grant is an incredible Flash. I’m really looking forward to Ezra though.”

Our own Marcos Melendez was even able to sneak in a question about Ramsey’s favorite villain, which to no surprise was Deathstroke:

“I love Manu, I think he is the villain. I can’t say enough about him. I think he embodies Deathstroke.”

Ramsey was later asked two separate times about what other comic characters he would like to play. To which he gave two very interesting answers:

“My favorite, I have a lot of favorites, is Moon Knight.”

“I would like to be Galactus”

Jackson Hayes

You can check out the whole panel here:

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