‘Bumblebee’ Spinoff Set in the 1980’s, Animated Prequel Set in Cybertron Planned, & More!

The Bumblebee spinoff has been in the works for a while with Travis Knight at the helm but that isn’t the only spinoff being planned. Details have now been revealed on the future of the Transformers Universe.

The latest issue of Empire magazine has all of the details on what the studio has been developing the Transformers Cinematic Universe. Thanks to Transformer World 2005, you can view the full page from the issue.

Below are the major revelations from the info released;

The Bumblebee Movie story is set in 1980s


The next TF film post-The Last Knight is Bumblebee and it’s been recently reported that Hailee Steinfeld will star alongside the big yellow guy. Empire gave out some key details of the upcoming movie, including that it will take place in the 1980’s.

  • “Set in the 1980’s, it will feature considerably fewer Transformers, concentrating on the big, yellow star (who in the movies so far can only talk via snippets of radio broadcasts) and likely pitching a little younger, tonally.”

An Animated prequel is in the works that takes place in Cybertron

551826032_preview_293247.jpgThe story will deal with origin of the Transformers billions of years ago and will be written by the Ant-Man writers. It’s not clear whether or not the film will be released after the Bumblebee spinoff but I think it’s highly plausible. Empire also stated that a Transformers movie set is ancient Rome is also in the works.

What do you guys think? Be sure to tweet at SuperBroMovies with your thoughts. – Marcos Melendez

Source: Empire Magazine (Via Transformer World 2005)


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