Friday The 13th Game Review

The Friday The 13th movie franchise is a staple of the horror genre, with a total of 11 movies being made, it is by far the most recognizable movie serial killer. The hockey mask he wears has become iconic with the character and more people think Jason when they see a mask and not a hockey goalie. The wildly popular kickstarter for the Friday The 13th Game has finally released the game.


As the game stands right now it needs so much work however; it is so fun to play. The game has a lot of issues right now with its server connection to its bugs and glitches. The developers have been consistent and working on the game to improve these problems. My experience with the game so far I’ve only been in one match where it glitched and the Jason couldn’t kill the counselor who was hiding in a closet, other than that though the game has been pretty solid for glitches like this. As far as the serves for the game they have been very shaky since the game’s launch, although they have improved i still disconnect more often than I like, this is being worked on though and it will soon be so much better.


The gameplay has one major problem and that is Jason is very OP compared to the counselors.  He is able to teleport anywhere on the map and move at almost super speed for a short period of time. Playing as Jason is easily the best part of the game, hunting down the counselors one by one is so satisfying because it is so hard for them to escape or kill you if you know what you’re doing. Most of the time you be playing as on of the many counselors each having their own specific level of traits in the game. The most important of these are your stamina, fear, stealth, and strength. To survive the game there is a variety of ways. You can repair the phone to call the police then you must run the them once they arrive, there are also two cars on the map a two seat car and a four seat, you have to find the keys to the car and install a gas tank and a battery to get the car up and running. Another alternative is to escape by a motorboat for that you have to add gas and a propeller to the boat.jarvis-f13game-fb

The final way to survive makes you call in The Friday The 13th character Tommy Jarvis, Tommy can be called in by a radio and a dead player will be chosen at random to come back alive and play as him. Tommy must be present to kill Jason and that is the final way to survive.

Overall this is a pretty fun game to play and will only get better with the developers improving the game, an a soon to be added single player mode will only make the game more enjoyable. I would recommend checking the game out if you’re looking for a game just to try out, and would rate it over all a 6.5/10 but I feel the game is only going to get better and I am looking forward to it. maxresdefault

If you buy the game though be ready to see this face before the start of every match. Already own the game and want to give us your opinion on the game or want a little more information contact us at SuperBroArcadeCorner.

Written By Collin Stetzner

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