The Flash #24 Review (SPOILERS)

The Flash is back with a bang! The Scarlet Speedster teamed up with Green Lantern last issue and there battle against Multiplex continues. Meanwhile, Reverse-Flash is confronting the West family in their own home. Does the issue deliver? 

Thankfully it does, and The Flash proves once again why it’s one of DC’s best comics right now. The issue deals with a lot, switching between tense and powerful situations. The Flash and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) have to deal with the multiplying villain Multiplex. The two heroes chemistry together is written very well, and their against the baddy is interesting and exciting.  They eventually defeat him, with Flash being able to focus really hard and figure out how to take Multiplex down.  Barry had a tough time focusing in the last issue, and he is able to focus pretty quickly here. My one gripe here is that I wished they spent a bit more fleshing out his problems but I think it may affect Barry further down the line.


Reverse-Flash is back from the dead and is tormenting the West’s, Wally And Iris. His focus is on Iris though, but Wally tries to intervene and defeat him(You can probably guess what happens). Reverse-Flash leaves the Kid Speedster injured badly and Barry arrives home to tell Iris his secret. When he arrives, Reverse-Flash takes Iris to the 25th Century, which is the setting for the opening of this issue and the previous.

The one thing that I haven’t been completely sold on throughout this series is why Barry only now decides to tell Iris he’s the Flash. I know he wants to keep her safe but she has been in a lot of danger lately without knowing his identity. Now Reverse-Flash can use that in his advantage, it’s a bit predicable but I’m hopeful that the storyline will make up for that.

In conclusion, The Flash series is great right now and today’s issue is no different. Great writing and characters, fantastic art, and exciting moments makes it worth reading. Although I had some minor problems with it, I still think it’s definitely a solid installment to this series.

Rating 8.5/10 “Very Solid”

Marcos Melendez


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