All Star Batman is Cancelled But the Story is Not

According to CBR, Scott Snyder’s All Star Batman will end at #14 in September, but the story will be continued in a different format.

Before CBR’s article was published, Snyder took to Twitter to calm fans before we got angry about his series being cancelled. The reasoning for the cancellation is to “move the stories over to a new format that’s part of a big initiative DC is going to announce very soon.”

Although All Star Batman has been cancelled, the story will continue in a different format yet to be announced by DC. Snyder was offered an opportunity in the new DC initiative (that has yet to be announced) and is switching to that format and continuing the story there. Snyder explained that currently, the new format is under wraps but did mention changes from the series being monthly and changes in physical comic size. The old format of one or two issues per month can hinder artists by giving them time constraints and this can lead to delays and rushed work. And the format change will also be physical as DC’s initiative will allow for unconventional sized comics, Snyder explained. “Ending All Star Batman allows me to write different page-length stories for different size pages in a different format and try new challenges by getting the story out there in the best way possible,”

Snyder said. He also explained that his plans with upcoming artists for All Star Batman have not been cancelled. Instead, the artists will be able to use the new format and Snyder says it will probably be announced in the “upcoming days or weeks.”

Although we still know very little about Snyder and DC’s plans, it does sound promising. DC seems to shifting, at least in part, to a more open and creative format allowing artists to reach their full potential. It may include irregular release dates and different sized comicbooks. Could DC be shifting to have stories told more as graphic novels in some way?


Source: CBR

All Star Batman hits shelves Wednesday, June 21st


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