The first Big Bad of the latest DC Comics-based CW show has has been revealed by its showrunners, and the character has a long history with the hero. 

Co-showrunner Salim Akil spoke during the ATX Television Festival about the direction the show will take with its villains, specifically the main villain of season one.

“It’s a character-driven show. I don’t know if there’s going to be a fight every week. There’s certainly not going to be a villain of the week. I don’t want to do that. We really want to explore the characters, even the villains. I think one of the most interesting characters right now from a storytelling standpoint is Tobias. Because we’re not having him sort of twist his mustache. His hatred for himself and for others comes from a real place, so we want to know why he’s like that.”

Tobias Whale“Tobias” is likely Tobias Whale. Introduced in 1977’s “Black Lightning” #1, Tobias Whale is an albino crime boss responsible for Jefferson Pierce taking on the role of Black Lightning, which he donned in response to Tobias’s murder of one of his students. He’s continued to fight with Black Lightning over the years as Jefferson has tried to end Tobias’s drug trade.

It sounds like the focus will be less on the superhuman side of things and more on the human. If the superpowered hero must face a non-super villain, the role must be grounded in an intimidating performance. Casting for Tobias Whale will certainly be interesting.

-Weston Sheffield


Source: IB Times


















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