Batman #26 Review: “The War of Jokes and Riddles” Part 2 (SPOILERS)

Batman is back this week and it’s focus is on the two major villains up against each other once again. The old story, being told by Bruce Wayne, continues as we learn more about the “War” between the Joker and The Riddler. This time though, I will be going deep into SPOILER territory so you’ve been warned…



It’s a back and forth between Riddler and The Joker again, and its getting pretty heated. Riddler recovers from his injury, and proceeds to recruit Poison Ivy to his cause. Their conversation is fantastic and I can’t get over the fact that Tom King(Writer) writes his character so well. So far, I’m enjoying the Riddler’s quest to ending the Clown Prince of Crime more than the Joker’s side of things. Not that the Joker isn’t being written well, I just find Riddler to be a bit more fascinating than he is (in this specific story mind you.)

Joker trying to make Falcone and his goons kill Riddler is very entertaining as well. We see glimpes of how Joker is struggling to even smile, his thirst for laughter fascinating. It’s something that he needs and identifies with, I think he feels like he isn’t who he is without it. Although they have very different ways of approaching things, both villains has the same end goal: To kill Batman.


A recurring theme throughout the this issue and the last, is how Batman continues to state how he wasn’t able to stop the battle between the two villains. He’s constantly a couple of steps behind, always finding the victims way too late. Other than the fact that both major villains want to kill the Bat, Batman isn’t a huge part of the story. I like how it’s focused more on the perspective of the villains and how they come up with reasons to want to kill one another.  With that being said, I would still love to see if/how Batman himself will be emotionally affected by this. He obviously sees the events as pretty traumatic for him, and I think we’ll see more in depth on how that is.

The art is once again great, wickedly detailed and very immersive. Mikel Janin has done an incredibly job making the characters and setting pop out in ways that I don’t many artists would be able to do. I would love to see him do even more art for Batman post-War of Jokes & Riddles.

My main complaint how the issue is how not a lot was revealed or done. Don’t get me wrong, I love the moments and interactions between characters but things are moving at a pretty slow pace.  I would like for  there to be more “meat”, for lack of a better word.

This weeks issue is very solid, the characters work really well. The dialogue is fantastic and you would want to read the villains talk for pages and pages. The art is almost 3d-like, and it creates a very immersive experience when reading. Not a whole lot happens in this issue, something that I hope changes in the next chapters of the story.

Rating: 8.8/10…#TeamRiddler

Marcos Melendez

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