The Flash #26 Review (SPOILERS)

Reverse-Flash is pretty evil you know. Flash is back this week and Thawne shows him a future that will change him forever. Let’s see how it all worked out in this spoiler-filled review!

This issue opens with a bang with future Barry and Iris talking about their children, who are terrorizing the city and have turned evil. Barry confronts them and it seems like the same problem they have with him is the same as others: He was never there for them. This has been a recurring issue with him, and seeing future version of him dealing with the same problem is pretty heartbreaking.


Iris of course finally finds out Barry is Flash and her reaction felt really genuine. She at first hates the fact that he lied to her but it didn’t seem to grandly effect her feelings for him, she was reasonable and wanted to talk. But Barry doesn’t learn and decides to do what Thawne says in order to guarantee her safety. This was my biggest problem with this issue, how Flash fell for Eobard’s trap so easily and got stuck in the negative speed force(for a little while). I understand he wasn’t thinking straight especially everything he had seen but a lot of people could’ve seen what Thawne’s intentions were.

With that being said, the back and forth between the two is written very well. You understand how far Thawne is willing to go in order to achieve what he wants. In the last page, we see a negative-Flash as he’s been affected by that speed force. He looks cool, but I hope it doesn’t turn out to be disappointing and only done for a cliffhanger.

The art is once again on point, with the very beginning and end being the highlights for me. Inconsistent in some areas, but solid as a whole. It had some problems, but overall this issue is still solid. The dialogue was once again natural and well written by Williamson. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a Flash fan or DC Comics fan.

Rating: 8/10 Solid

Marcos Melendez

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