Batman #27 Review: “The War of Jokes and Riddles”Interlude (SPOILERS)

The story of the war between Batman’s greatest villains is still unfolding and part three has come out this week!…actually it didn’t. Instead of the third part, we get an interlude focused on an ordinary man stuck in between Riddler and The Joker. SPOILERS ahead…

This was a weirdly great Kite-Man origin story…


Before I had read a page, I noticed that the issue was titled ‘interlude’ instead of ‘part three’. Upon reading this, I thought the issue was gonna be less interesting than the rest. Well, I was wrong. Although Batman is featured in quite a few panels, he’s definitely not the focus as a man named Chuck “Charlie” Brown takes center stage. He’s ordinary guy that likes the wind and kites, has a son, and is unwilling pulled into the battle that’s tearing up Gotham.

He’s constantly being bounced from villain to villain and also has to deal with Batman, who tries to help/use him to his advantage. Tom King is able to bring a lot of humanity in an exaggerated story, and make us feel about simple yet sympathetic characters. By the end of the issue, we find out what Chuck becomes: the villainous Kite-Man. I have to admit, I had no idea who he was when I saw him in the suit. But, as fellow writer Ernesto pointed out to me, the character has actually appeared in previous issues. King has been slowly but surely setting up the backstory for Chuck Brown. Why he has still isn’t clear but hopefully it will deliver by the end of the story.


The art is great but, Batman absolutely shines in this issue. He’s looks fantastic and some of my favorite panel including him are in here. The art is colorful and detailed throughout, doing a good job at immersing you into the story being told. Loving the art so far in the series and this issue is no exception.

As for my negatives, I have a few. Very little action has been shown through out this whole storyline, which is interesting especially since it’s keeps talking about how epic and grand the war is. King has chosen the psychological route for this story which is good but there’s quite a bit of teasing of things we never see. The story is also moving at a slow pace, which is a good things, and a bad thing at points. There are certain times I want the story to move along faster but it there are always a couple of moments that make it smoother it normally would be.

Overall, it’s a great villain origin story. Doesn’t give us too much incite on how Kite-Man will affect the story later on so we’ll have to wait and see. Batman is surely a series to keep up with if you haven’t.

Rating: 8.5/10

Marcos Melendez


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