Destiny 2 Beta Breakdown: New Weapons, Customization Options, and More!

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For the past couple of days the Destiny 2 beta has been live, the beta itself shows off a bunch of new options that will be seen in the full game. This article will dive into the new options and weapons seen during the beta and will not talk about the story mission or the strike, but we at the Superbroarcadecorner will get an article published about those two missions soon. 

One of the biggest changes from the first installment was the skill treeFullSizeRender 5

in the beta each class has too subclasses to play around with, playing as a warlock, the two subclasses were Voidwalker which was the same as the starting subclass in the first installment and a new one named Dawnblade. With more research I came to a conclusion that the three classes all came with their starting subclass from the first game along with a new one. While playing around with the subclass and looking at everything I realized that everything was unlocked and you could switch around your skills, something new I noticed was the little diamond on the bottom of the skill tree with four symbols. Upon further toying around and reading I found out that these are even more skills but need an upgrade point to unlock them, these skills added effects to various parts of your character like added an effect when you strike an enemy with your melee and adding duration to your super ability. Next thing new about the skills is the introduction of class skills, each class(not subclass) has two new abilities that charge alongside your grenade and melee special attack. For the warlock, when you activate it a circle shows up on the ground and depending on which option you choose the circle can either heal yourself and teammates or boost their weapon damage.

There are a lot more changes that happened in terms of the weapons and organization of the weapons. All primaries are now called kinetic weapons meaning no longer can certain primaries deal an elemental damage, the special slot is now called energy weapons and strange enough I found a scout rifle and pulse rifle in this category that both dealt a different elemetal damage and was organized in this category, heavy weapons are now called power weapons and it was weird seeing a fusion rifle in this category. Two new weapon types I obtained were the grenade launcher which is a power weapon and a submachine gun which fit in the energy weapons. These two new guns were very fun to use and were not seen in the first game. The submachine gun I obtained fired very quickly at 900 rounds per minute with a pretty bug clip ad the grenade launcher was just like any grenade launcher in an fps with just some added destiny skills.

destiny kinetic weaponsdestiny smgdesstiny power weapons

In the beta you start with all legendary weapons and come across an exotic in the story mission available, this is what the starting warlock looked like:destiny warlock.jpgWith more research into some areas that could easily have been misssed I found two new items with slots for shaders, your ghost, and your ship!

With the introduction of shaders to these items it opens up a whole new world of customization for your character, I imagine if you want your guardian to have all red and blue equipment including your ghost and your ship, I believe it will be entirely possible. With new weapons and customization options it is good to see Destiny 2 going in this path and I can not wait for the full game to release now.

Destiny 2 releases September 6th, 2017 for Xbox one, Playstation 4, and PC



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