TV Review : ‘Game of Thrones’: Stormborn”

Winter is here, One week after the season premiere and the story seems to go forward quickly. Today I am gonna review the new packed episode of `Game of Thrones`.

Major Spoilers from the newest episode of `Game of Thrones` ahead



In this episode, we got to see a lot of story progression, and moments fans have been waiting for ages. Like Varys and Daenerys having a face to face conversation and Daenerys finally hearing about John Snow. It’s certain that Daenerys and John will meet next episode, Which every fan can’t wait. Seeing the two most important characters in the show finally, meet.

We see John learning about dragon glass in Dragonstone and him being invited to bend the knee to Daenerys. I liked that him and every lord in the north talking about it. Everyone disagreed, but John made a choice to go with his guts even if he might lose them if he goes there. What made everyone less mad at the decision was Him leaving Sansa in charge. After all, she is a Stark. John and Davos with a couple of soldiers went to meet at Dragonstone Daenerys which we will see next episode. It will be interesting seeing Sansa in charge while Littlefinger is still at Winterfell.

Arya finally learned about John being the king of the north and seemingly is going back to Winterfell now. It also asks the question of would she have killed all those people if she could go home, and will she continue with the killing? Guess we will find out soon. We got more fan service by her meeting Nymeria after Seven seasons since they last saw each other. We see that Nymeria has been busy since she is a leader of a pack now which seems to be her children. She rejects Arya who ask her to come home and runs away with her pack.

The episode ends with a big battle. Which leads to some of the sand snakes getting killed, Jara and Tyren getting captured. The most noticeable and sad moment here was Theon “cowering” out and escaping while he still could instead of saving his sister. Every fan was angry about this, but it’s completely understandable why he did it. Theon still has PTSD, No one should ever go through what he did, and it still effects him. Which makes it completely understandable why he jumped.


Overall this episode was great having a lot of moments that fans love while furthering the story. It also makes you want to see more and extremely excited for next weeks episode. I would give this episode an 8/10.

This review was made by @k11forpresident

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