COMICS: ‘Batman is NOT a Metahuman’ says Scott Snyder



Yesterday comic fans discovered after reading their latest issue of Suicide Squad that Batman could actually be a metahuman, or at least in the eyes of ARGUS and Amanda Waller, fans were in outrage saying that it completely ruins the character of Batman if you make him a metahuman.


(Pic is from the ending of Suicide Squad #22)

Fans were in uproar about this decision chosen by the writers until All-Star Batman writer, Scott Snyder took to Twitter to give some assurance to these fans. Scott Snyder said the following on twitter.


Although Scott Snyder can’t speak for the Suicide Squad writers, this should give a fair sum of assurance for fans of Batman who were angered by this possible change? What are your thoughts on Batman possibly having actual metahuman powers, let us know below.


Source: @Ssnyder1835


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