Final Marvel Legacy Reveal Introduces 1,000,000 BC Ghost Rider and Odin

Today Marvel released their final teaser for the Legacy one shot, 1,000,000 BC Ghost Rider and Odin. These two additions to the prehistoric Avengers roster will be joining Black Panther, Starbrand, Agamotto, Iron Fist, and Phoenix in Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic’s Marvel Legacy one-shot epic which promises to reveal the very origin of the Marvel Universe.

Below we can see Mike Deodato’s final teaser for the team. The Asgardian ruler appears much as he always does, save for what appears to be a familiar looking piece of Uru, (possibly Mjolnir). Save for the rest of the team Odin is the only member to still be a part of the current marvel comics roster, while the others have passed their titles and powers on to others. LEGACY-ODIN

The final reveal also included the prehistoric, and possibly original, Ghost Rider. Unlike his more recent successors who chose to make use of wheeled transportation, this one chose more conspicuous means in the form of a flaming woolly mammoth. Other than that this Spirit of Vengeance still sports his signature flaming skull and fiery personality.



Below you can also find the previous teasers that have been released over the last few days.






– Jacob Campbell

Source: Comic Book Resources

Marvel: Legacy #1 hits comic stores September 27

Marvel Legacy #1, the 50-page one-shot, from writer Jason Aaron and artist Esad Ribic promises to reveal origin of the Marvel Universe and how everything is connected. The issue also introduces the Avengers of 1,000,000 B.C.



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