Why Darth Vader possibly appearing in ‘HAN SOLO’ is a bad idea

Recently, Jedi News found a post from a fandom festival in Kentucky stating the following about Spencer Wilding, who is currently the man taking over David Prowse as the man under the mask of Darth Vader:

Spencer Wilding will be unable to attend as he will be filming the newest film in the Star Wars Universe. Spencer will be coming back next year.

Currently, due to Phil Lord and Christopher Miller’s departure from the production of the film, Ron Howard has taken over in order to complete the film, with Spencer Wilding currently confirmed to be in Han Solo, it is very possible that he is reprising his role as Darth Vader, although it is possible he is playing another Star War character.


But if he is playing Darth Vader, this could provide a huge negative regarding the Han Solo film, having Darth Vader appearing in every Star Wars spinoff film doesn’t make the films unique and standalone which is clearly what Lucasfilm is wanting to do with these spinoffs, although Darth Vader can bring in audiences, his place in an Han Solo origin film is very much not needed.

The point of Han Solo is that he is a street level smuggler, bringing in Darth Vader to try and bring in Han Solo makes the character different from being street level which ruins the part of his character which many fans love, that he is doing smuggling to survive, making big figures in the Empire such as Darth Vader needing to go after Han Solo shows that the character is more than a street level smuggler.

Also, it could jeopardize some of his character shown in ‘A NEW HOPE’ as it is noticeable that Han Solo has not met Darth Vader before that film, making Han Solo a known adversary of Darth Vader ruins the aspect of his character in ‘A NEW HOPE’ from just being an everyday smuggler.


You may feel differently however, let us know your thoughts about the possibility of Darth Vader being in the Han Solo film.

‘HAN SOLO’ will be released on 25th May 2018 with Ron Howard taking over for Phil Lord and Christopher Miller after they were removed by Kathleen Kennedy from the film. The film currently has no synopsis.

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