Head of Marvel TV Addresses ‘IRON FIST’ Show Runner Change

With The Defenders cast at Comic Con this year news dropped about all the Defenders own show with Iron Fist getting the most noticeable news.  Marvel’s TV head Jeph Loeb announced to The Tracking Board that Iron Fist will get a second season but this time with a new show runner taking over for season one’s Scott Buck.


The Marvel TV Boss had the following to say.

“What happened, really very simply, was [Season 1 showrunner] Scott Buck was on [ABC Marvel series] Inhumans and we were delighted to get another order from Netflix and knew that Scott was not going to be available to us,” Loeb told Tracking Board. “We set out to find a new showrunner. Raven came in, told us a story and we thought, ‘that’s the next epic adventure for this character’ and got very excited about it.”

The first season of Iron Fist got a fair amount of criticism so seeing as a change with the show runner should give people more hope for season two. Hopefully the new show runner will be able to take what was wrong and help make an amazing season 2 of Iron Fist. – Johnathan Brin

Source: TheTrackingBoard

The Defenders will be released on Netflix August 18, 2017

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