The Emoji Movie review…

From the start of the film the Emoji movie was a disaster🤢. Within the first twenty minutes you already knew who the “villain” would be, was introduced to all the characters except for one, and knew the big conflict😡. The script and the movie as a whole just felt very rushed and it turned out very boring😴. The premise of the story is that Gene (a ‘meh’ emoji) has the ability to switch his emotions unlike other emojis☺️. The movie goes to Gene’s first day on the job where when an emoji is used they are scanned and however they are scanned is the way it is sent in a text message😎. Gene freaks out and makes the wrong face and is labeled a malfunction by the head emoji named Smiler and the rest of Textopolis😬. emoji movie 1He escapes Textopolis with the help of the hi-five emoji who just wants to be in the ‘favorites’ section of the keyboard again. Hi-five tells him off a hacker named jailbreak who can fix his code to turn him into a normal emoji which is now the motivation for Gene because he just wants to be normal, they find Jailbreak in a piracy app and she agrees to help them. A bunch more bad internet jokes, a “chase” scene, and some super cliche “lets get to our final destination travel stuff”. Some more super cliche stuff happens, Gene and jailbreak fall in love and then have a falling out and then a boss battle and the movie is over with everyone being friends. Super boring movie but the voice acting for the most part was very good, James Corden did a good job as Hi-five I just wish the script was better and that Hi-five was written better too. emoji 2.jpgVoice acting from the actors was done very well, for the most part especially with the actors that had to be the same emotion the entirety of the film. With no character development, no plot twist, a terrible story, and a terrible idea. Just don’t go see this movie, its a waste of money and a waste of theatre space. The Emoji movie was a disgrace to the film industry.

Rating: 2/10

If you were stupid enough to see the emoji movie let us know what you thought at Superbromovies

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