‘THE FLASH’ Casts Recurring Character, The Elongated Man

On the next season of The Flash the team will be joined by a new member, Ralph Dibny a.k.a. The Elongated Man. Today Warner Bros. Television announced that Hartley Sawyer, of Saving the Human Race, has been cast in a recurring role as The Elongated Man on the CW drama.

Described as one of the Flash’s most iconic allies, Dibny is a fast talking private investigator who uses his powers to help solve some of Central City’s toughest cases. The Elongated Man possesses the ability to stretch his body into any shape or form to help assist him in solving cases and fighting crime. Originally debuting in 1960’s The Flash #112 Dibny served as a supporting character to the Scarlet Speedster, making it almost fitting that he makes his debut on the CW’s The Flash. 

Hartley Sawyer picture_597f946dd31560.70513676

As stated prior, The Elongated Man will be played by Hartley Sawyer, who has been featured in other projects such as, the CW Seed’s Saving the Human Race and on Miss 2059. You can see him stretching his way onto your screens this Fall on The Flash.

– Jacob Campbell

Source: DC

The Flash returns to the CW for its fourth season, October 10

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