MADS MIKKELSEN Expresses Interest in Playing DOCTOR DOOM in the Upcoming Solo Film!

Mads Mikkelsen has been slowly dominating Hollywood for the past years. He has numerous fan favorite roles under his belt and his career is showing no signs of slowing down. Try to name other award winning actors who have had huge roles in a Star Wars, Marvel, and James Bond film. Attaching Mads Mikkelsen’s name to a project now gathers some of the largest amounts of excitement from audiences. 20th Century Fox may be one of the next studios to do this with their planned standalone DOCTOR DOOM film.

Earlier this year Mikkelsen revealed that he had participated in auditions for Fox’s most recent Fantastic Four film. He did not reveal many details on who he was auditioning for, but it is fair to assume that it was for that film’s version of Doom. He has had great success in portraying villains in large properties- so why would the studio not want him as the film’s antagonist? Eventually Toby Kebbell was cast as Doom and the rest is now history. However, big things could change with the news that surfaced last week from San Diego Comic-Con.

Noah Hawley

Noah Hawley, the executive producer of Legion, revealed that he was working on a standalone DOCTOR DOOM film for Fox. That is literally all he revealed and we know very little about the script and it’s planned production. Every since this reveal, people have been wondering who could possibly play this iconic character and serve him justice on the big screen?

When asked about the upcoming Doom film in an interview with Screen Geek at London Film and Comic-Con this past weekend, Mikkelsen showed interest in large villain centered films.

“Yeah, it’s always interesting. They are experimenting with doing some of the villain’s stories as well. Let’s see if they do that. I’m not familiar that they’ve done it with anyone yet. They haven’t done it with The Joker [and] they haven’t done it with The Penguin. So we’ll see when that day comes.

Villainy in film is a subject that Mikkelsen seems to be very attracted to. All of the villainous roles on his resume show his acting range and his willingness to go for something deeper than just plain “evil”. When asked about this subject during the interview he responded with the following:

“Well, I hope that all characters have a little more rounded shape in the sense that they have two sides of the coin. Yes, they are villains. Hannibal is a baddie – but at the same time, we kind of like him. I think all characters – goodies or baddies, should have a little of both and I think that every actor looks for that in a character.”

When you think about all of the film villains that stick with you throughout time, you should notice a few similarities. Their motivations were deeper than just world domination. You probably even related to them and saw that they had clear reasons for going about their actions. Lastly, you probably felt bad for them because you saw a struggle within their complexities and faults. Mikkelsen points to this idea of villains being more than one sided. If Fox is aiming to do something similar with Doom in this film, it is fair to say that Mikkelsen would strongly consider signing on. At this point, we just have an announcement and some possible teases from an interview. It is too early to tell how the tide will set. However, the current future of this project does look bright.

Source: Screen Geek

Check back soon for more updates on Noah Hawley’s standalone DOCTOR DOOM film- Andrew J. Salazar (@yokis101)

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