Marvel took Hall H by storm during their panel at San Diego Comic Con last month, showing footage from ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, ‘Black Panther’ and ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. But what took most by surprise were the announcements regarding the upcoming ‘Captain Marvel’. Well if Skrulls weren’t enough for you, we have some more mind-blowing details via MCU Exchange. 

Lets start by recapping what was announced so far. The film is said to be set in the 1990s, a period we have yet to explore in the MCU. Nick Fury will be featured prominently, with both of his eyes in tact. The main antagonists will be the Skrulls and the film will feature a live-action adaptation of the “Kree-Skrull War”.

Then came the news from ‘Infinity War’ director Joe Russo, that Carol Danvers will not be appearing in his upcoming project. Well that’s where the new details begin.

It was revealed some time ago by Dr. Spiros Michalakis, Marvel’s physics consultant, that the Quantum Realm would play a huge part in ‘Captain Marvel’. Well a source has told MCU Exchange that the Quantum Realm will also play a role in where Danvers has been and why she will not be appearing in ‘Infinity War’. The specific details are unclear but expect it to be addressed in either ‘Captain Marvel’ or ‘Avengers 4’, which Danvers is set to appear in.


Next up is something that will be huge for comic book fans and I’ll let the quote speak for itself.

“The film will absolutely include the Kree hero Mar-Vell!”

That’s right, ‘Captain Marvel’ will feature the original Captain Marvel. Mar-Vell is a Kree warrior, who was a member of both the Defenders and Avengers.


The Kree have been a looming presence in the MCU since ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, they will also be connected to the upcoming ‘Inhumans’ show. That has all been likely setting up their role in ‘Captain Marvel’.

The Kree is also heavily connected to the origin of Carol Danvers. Something it appears we will see in the film:

“Expect to see a version of the Psyche-Magnitron accident from the comics and that accident will be responsible for altering her DNA and giving her powers.”

That accident is one that will give Danvers her abilities and will alter her DNA to make it half Kree, which will explain another looming issues with the character being introduced to the modern MCU in ‘Avengers 4’:

“Furthermore, we are told that her unique half-Kree/half-human DNA will be used to explain why she hasn’t appeared to age since her disappearance, meaning they won’t need to age/de-age Brie Larson.  Just like Thor and the Asgardians before her, Carol won’t necessarily age in the MCU.”

This is a lot to take in, so go back and read it one more time. This film is set to take the MCU into a deep comic book dive. So let us know what you think about all these details @superbromoviesJackson Hayes

Source: MCU Exchange 

Captain Marvel hits theaters March 8, 2019


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