Interview With The Original Robin Himself, Burt Ward!

Burt Ward is famous for his role as Robin in the Batman 66 series starring alongside Adam West. I had the chance to have a sit down phone interview on behalf of THE MUTUALS/DISCUSSINGFILM with Ward where we discussed many topics regarding the character of Robin.

Right at the beginning of the interview we had an conversation about the program Burt Ward runs alongside his wife, Tracy, called GENTLE GIANTS. Which has helped save 15,000 dogs over the years that it has been established, this is what Burt said about the program.

“My wife and I for the past 23 years have operated a charity called Gentle Giants Rescue, the largest dog rescue in the world having rescued 15,500 giant breed dogs in the past 23 years, traditionally they live short life spans”.

He continued to say “My wife and I have dedicated ourselves to helping not only those breeds but of all breeds of dogs live longer, we’ve developed a feeding and care program that averages a extra 3 years on every dogs life. We have also developed a dog food named Gentle Giants and our dogs are now living as long as 27 healthy and active years”

If you are interested in that program we recommend checking out their website linked here.

Moving on, Burt Ward explained in the interview how he had many visits to the emergency room, during filming on ‘BATMAN 66’. Of course, back then, technology wasn’t advanced enough to CGI most stunts. However Ward went on to explain how he thought every minute of it was worth it despite the emergency room visits.


We then went on to discuss who Burt would pick to play an live-action Robin in the DCEU, he went on to say the following:

“Myself, don’t be terribly surprised because if you remember what happened after Star Trek, the TV series, there were multiple movies made and each time the cast got older but people loved it, and they love the characters and actors who portray them”

Later on in the interview we discussed the upcoming release of ‘BATMAN VS TWO-FACE’ and he said the following about the animated film


“I can tell you this, William Shatner is fabulous, I recorded my part and had to do a little of what you call ADR where you have to watch a little bit of it to match the drawings that were done and it’s a huge, wonderful step up from the last one which I thought was excellent and everybody loved it,. That is is even more spectacular, it was unbelievable, what Warner Brothers has done and they should be really proud of themselves, I think it’ll be a huge money maker for them.”

And finally we discussed the tragic passing of Adam West in June and Ward had this wonderful and heartwarming speech to say regarding his longtime friend:

“Adam and I met 10 minutes before our screen test in July of 1965 and 10 minutes before the screen test and we talked for 5 minutes and instantly became friends. Instantly found out we had the similar kind of humour, even being very different with Adam being very grand and larger than life and me being a kid that never grew up but full of energy. We instantly got along, we actually started laughing about the things we were talking about and we have laughed together for 50 years since then, and it was absolutely a spectacular friendship from the beginning. I’ll tell you, it is my opinion that Batman was so successful because people saw this wonderful relationship between the actors and this campy style and it was bigger than anything anyone had done on television before. Nobody had ever put the audience on, we used to say we put on our tights to put on the world”

Earlier in the episode we also discussed many other topics such as THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE which we’ll leave an link to the video here for you to watch the full interview.

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