Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) may make appearance in the Flash’s solo film, ‘Flashpoint’. It has not yet been confirmed by Warner Bros.

the flash and wonder woman

According to geekfeed.com, Barry will probably go back in time, perhaps following the events that send him to Batman in the Batman v Superman Knightmare sequence. In an effort to reset the timeline (because Superman becomes a tyrant?), we’re thrown face first into Flashpoint.

‘Flashpoint’ will focus on Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) as the Flash making an impact in not only his life, but the life of his fellow superhero teammates. If the storyline stays true to the comics, Allen runs back in time and sees an alternate timeline where Wonder Woman and the Amazons team up with Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and the Atlanteans team up to defeat a mutual foe. Then the storyline takes a bloody turn after Wonder Woman kills Mera, Aquaman’s wife, after Mera approaches her for having an affair with Aquaman, breaking out an all out war between the Amazons and the Atlanteans.


It is also possible that we could see actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan return as Thomas Wayne and play Batman in this alternate timeline. We could also see a pivotal Thomas Wayne’s letter scene shared between Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and Barry Allen after Allen returns from the alternate timeline. Once and if Wonder Woman is confirmed for ‘Flashpoint’, expect dominoes to start falling with more casting news.

‘Flashpoint’ is expected be in theaters in 2020.

The next DC movie to come in theaters is ‘Justice League’ on November 17, 2017

If you have any thoughts about Wonder Woman making an appearance in ‘Flashpoint’, be sure tweet to @SuperBroMovies

Lucas Talbot

Source: geekfeed.com


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