Game of Thrones season 7 episode 4 Review and Recap

The action we have been waiting for is finally here, today I will review and recap the latest action packed episode of Game of Thrones “The Spoils of War”

Warning spoilers from the newest episode of Game of Thrones ahead

4c1606bb16330691-2048x1024Kings Landing

Since the location off the episode opened in was the one where they ended, let’s start off with kings landing instead.
Where Cersei and Tycho Nestoris of the Iron Bank is talking about the massive debt, the throne owes the Iron Bank and how no one before repaid a debt of this magnitude in a single payment. Tycho was notably saying that Cersei can count on the Iron Bank WHEN the payment arrives, Will be interesting to see what they will do if it doesn’t arrive, more to that subject later.



In Winterfell, Littlefinger gives Bran a dagger. Not just any ordinary dagger, the dagger that was used in an assassination attempt against him, Littlefinger tells Bran about this, and he doesn’t seem to care that much or want the dagger at all.
Then Meera comes in saying she wants a word with him alone, Littlefinger leaves calling him “Lord Stark.” Bran responds with saying he isn’t the Lord of Winterfell. When Brann sees Mera, he asks Meera if she is leaving him, She says she is leaving to stay with her family when “they” come (the white walkers) and says that Bran is safer than ever before in Winterfell. Bran says “He doesn’t need her anymore” Meera understandably saying “Is that it” because her brother, Hodor, Summer all died for him and she almost died for him. Bran responds with “Thank you for everything he did for him.” She calls his name, and he responds with saying he is not Brann anymore but remembers what it’s like to be Bran, Ouch that must hurt. Meera responds with “you died in that cave” and leaves.
That conversation was sad to watch but no need to be sad for long because the next thing we see is Arya outside Winterfell watching it from the hills. After being gone from Winterfell ever since the start of season one, she is finally back home. When she arrives right outside the gates of Winterfell two guards are in her way, she says she is Arya Stark, but the guards don’t believe her. Only start letting her in after she threatens to tell Lady Stark (Sansa) that these two guards wouldn’t let her in if she is indeed Arya Stark. Intimidating stuff there. The guard asks her to wait while they argue about who is the one to tell Lady Stark about Arya being here she goes to the Stark crypt to see her Father crypt. When the guards notice she is gone both of them ends up telling Sansa about Arya being there (No point in arguing was it fellas) at first Sansa believes them when they tell her about Arya asking about “Sir Roderick” and “Maester Luwin.” Sansa figures out that Arya is in the Stark Crypt and goes down there to see her and they hug. Sansa tells Arya that “you shouldn’t have run from the guards” Arya responds with “I didn’t, you need better guards” I think everyone here can agree with that. Sansa tells Arya that when John saw Sansa, he was so happy so when he sees Arya, he will get a heart attack, which brings a smile to Arya’s face which makes me happy because she deserves it. They don’t tell each other their stories but do say it been a long road. Arya notable tells Sansa about her kill list, and Sansa doesn’t believe her and laughs at it first. Arya was smiling like it was a joke. Both of them hug each other again, and Sansa tells Arya that Bran is in Winterfell also.
Arya meets Bran and they hug (of course) Sansa tells Arya about him having visions. Arya starts believing that Bran has visions when he talks about Arya`s suppose to go to kings landing and her kill list. Sansa then believes Arya about her kill list. And notable ask her who is in the kill list. Bran gives Arya the dagger Littlefinger gave him, Sansa and Arya questions why Littlefinger gave him the dagger. Everyone goes back to Winterfell where Podrick and Brienne see them.
Later in the episode Podrick and Brienne practices and Arya appears asking if she could practice fight, Arya wanting to do it with Brienne. Then both of them fight, everyone even Brienne amazed how great Arya was.




Here we start off with Daenerys and Missandei walking down stairs to the cave of Dragonstone. They talk very little, but the conversation ends with Daenerys knowing about Greyworm and Missandei doing “many” things to each other before he left.
John takes Daenerys to the caves before they start mining the dragonstone, where he shows her carvings made by the children of the forest and the first men. The carving shows the Children of the forest and first men fighting together against their common enemy (the white walkers) despite their differences. John tries to convince Danny to help him with her army and dragons, But Danny says she will help him only if he bends the knee.
The next shot we see is them getting out of the caves meeting Varys and Tyrion, receiving the bad news.
Danny understandably mad wants to use her dragons and fly to the wood keep to burn her enemies. She asks John for tips on what to do, and he says she shouldn’t use her dragons to burn down castles and armies because she would prove that she is no different from then the other Lords and kings. This was a big moment considering she trusted Jon enough to ask him for his advice to bad she didn’t listen to it more on that later.
We later see John Snow and Davos walking and talking about Danny. Davos says John stares at Danny a lot, John replies with “there is no time for that” and changes the subject to the white walkers. I laughed so much when Davos said he stares at her a lot and John didn’t even deny it. That was one of my favorite lines this episode. They meet Missandei while they are walking where she tells them about how she got saved by Danny and why everyone who fights for her chose to fight for her, that certainly impressed John and Davos. While they are taking they see a Greyjoy ship. In the beach John is there to meet with Theon who survived the battle at the end of episode 2, It’s safe to say after awkward silence John wasn’t happy to see Theon but did say he only didn’t kill him because what he did for Sansa. So he doesn’t have the worst opinion on him at least. Theon after getting punched by John ask if Danny is here. John says she isn’t.



got-season-7-official-trailer-2-dragons-battleWood Keep

So let’s get the small stuff out of the way the episode starts with Jamie and Bronn talking to each other and how Bronn wants a castle. They later in the episode talk to Dickon who this is his first ever battle and Bronn laughs at his name, so did I to be honest.
Anyways let’s talk about the exciting stuff, when they are talking to Dickon, Bronn hears a weird noise, and everyone starts hearing it also after a few seconds. Which turns out to be Danny riding on Drogon and her army. So remember when “I said too bad she didn’t listen to it more on that later” yeah this is it. So a lot of action happens here, after most of the Lannister men being dead, Bronn uses their secret weapon, the giant arrow. After missing two shots, Bronn in his third shot hits Drogon, but it’s not fatal because it hits his wings and not his head. Drogon destroys the weapon before falling down, Bronn managed to somehow survive. Tyrion arrives in the middle of the battle and sees Jamie who is about to do the dumbest thing you can imagine. Jamie being the last man standing at this point takes a spear and runs towards Danny and Drogon. When Drogon notices Jamie, he shoots fire out of his mouth, and Jamie gets saved in the end by Bronn who pushes him out of the way in the last second. Bronn and Jamie are in the water, and that is how the episode ends.
This was a slaughter house. The Lanisters is not the winners in this situation. Like from what I saw three or two people survived who supported Cersei. That scene of Jamie going alone against Drogon and Danny was suicidal. He was willing to die for Cersei there.
This battle also means that the Cersei can’t repay the debt the throne owes the Iron Bank. Which makes this an even bigger loss for them. Will be interesting to see who the Iron Bank supports next episode.



In my opinion this episode was epic and managed to become my favourite episode of the season so far.

It was filled with the much-needed action that the first episode didn’t have enough of.

Arya finally returning to Winterfell was one of my favorite moments in this season so far, let alone this episode and as well as with John and Daenerys interacting with each other once again, it just made for an almost perfect episode of Game of Thrones.

I have to give this week’s episode of Game of Thrones a 9/10, action-packed with many flawless moments.

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One thought on “Game of Thrones season 7 episode 4 Review and Recap

  1. It wasn’t ‘staring at her A LOT’, it was ‘staring at her HEART’. Jon said Dany has a big heart; Sir Davos replied, “Yeah, I noticed you staring at her heart” — which to me is funnier than ‘a lot’. LOL


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