Marvel cancelled their Fantastic Four comic book run due to their ongoing feud with 20th Century Fox and their recent efforts with their movies. Fox currently has the film rights to the Fantastic Four and the X-Men franchises. 

Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort said in a interview with Newsrama, “Fantastic Four is a title and a concept that has a lot of built in historical importance in the Marvel Universe, but to the readership of today, it doesn’t resonate the same way that X-Men, or Avengers, or even Guardians of the Galaxy does right now.”


Fox’s most recent Fantastic Four movie has not done well in their sales and is considered to be their worst superhero movie made to date. Hence, the reason why Marvel are pushing to obtain the film rights by cutting off the long time comic run. 

Fantastic Four writer Jonathan Hickman said in a interview with Newsrama, “I think it’s pretty common knowledge at this point that Marvel isn’t publishing Fantastic Four because of their disagreement with Fox. While it bums me out, I completely understand because, well, it isn’t like they’re not acting out of cause. Fox needs to do a better job there.”

It is no secret that Marvel would love to have the film rights to Fantastic Four and X-Men back and are hoping that their latest strategy could make a difference in their longtime feud and perhaps find neutral ground.

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Lucas Talbot

Sources: Newsrama,


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