‘SILVER AND BLACK’ Details Have Emerged

Other than the announcement of Gina Prince-Bythewood taking directing duties on the film, there have been no official news on Sony’s ‘Silver and Black’ since it’s initial announcement.

However a report from That Hashtag Show may have revealed some more details about the story of the film, including more information on the titular female characters.



According to them, Silver Sable will be a bounty hunter working for the U.S. government. She has her sights set on capturing Black Cat, a wanted high-end burglar who is wanted by both the police and her victims.

However Silver Sable is not after the bounty, apparently the reason she is chasing Hardy for another reason, to find Mendel Stromm. Who experimented on her Symkarian countrymen in the past. Black Cat is apparently to be claiming to be using an “enhancement” from Mendel Stromm to complete her heists. However Mendel Stromm is also chasing down Black Cat, as he and his financial backers want her back in their clutches. Thus, Stromm recruits another two iconic Spider-Man characters both ‘SCORPION’ and ‘TARANTULA’ to find and capture her. -Jake C


SOURCE: That Hashtag Show

Sony’s ‘SILVER AND BLACK’ currently has no release date but is beginning filming this fall, with Sony eyeing younger actresses to play the titular characters.

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