Deadpool‘s Tim Miller has landed another gig at 20th Century Fox, this time adapting a classic cyberpunk novel.

After not returning for Deadpool 2, the studio was still keen on keeping the director in house, as he turned Deadpool into such a surprise hit. He and his special effects studio, Blur, will now work on the long-waited adaption of Neuromancer. X-Men producer Simon Kinberg will produce.

The 1984 William Gibson novel was the first to ever win The Hugo Award, The Philip K. Dick Award, and the Nebula Award. It was extremely influential in cyberpunk works of sci-fi. The  premise is as complicated as it is intriguing. “Case was one of the best console cowboys until he stole from one of his employers, who in turn damaged his nervous system so that he cannot access cyberspace anymore. Broke and destroying himself, Case is contacted by Molly, a heavily modified razorgirl, to work for a shadowy colonel who needs a cyberspace cowboy for a secret mission. The employer fixes Case’s damaged brain, but implants a slow dissolving poison to make sure the cyberspace wiz does his bidding, in attempting to abduct a perverse psychopath who is able to create holograms with the force of his mind.”

This isn’t the only project Miller has coming up. He’s attached to the adaption of the  Daniel Suarez novel Influx , as well as working alongside James Cameron finding a new direction for his Terminator franchise.

Weston Sheffield

Source: Deadline



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