The Flash #28 Review (SPOILERS) PLUS #27 Mini-Review

The Flash got himself in a pickle and he’s got new powers because of it! Now he’s trying to figure them out while balancing his lab work and super-heroism.  This week’s issue is pretty self-contained but does it work? Let’s find out…


Before give you my thoughts on the newest issue, let me talk about the previous one…since I wasn’t able to review it.


It was pretty disappointing to be honest. It was pretty brief and didn’t really feel like it delivered on the whole Flash vs. Reverse Flash situation. The art was pretty inconsistent to me,  but did have some nice panels. Barry becoming NEGATIVE FLASH and I’m really not sure how to feel about it. It feels like a gimmick but I’ll address it more in a little bit… I give this issue a 5.5/10

Anyways, that’s my thoughts on it and I hope it goes in a better direction. Let’s find out…

The Flash #28 Review


Barry and Iris have returned to present time, and it’s obvious she needs some time alone to process everything that has happened. I don’t blame her, since she’s just found out who the Flash is and how Barry has a kept her away from a huge part of his life. This leaves Barry to go back to his Lab work, now dealing with his new set of powers. This part felt a bit rushed and unnatural to me, how Barry’s powers has drastically yet he decides to resume his life. Although he’s definitely working towards fixing his powers, I felt like he wouldn’t risked continuing his adventures as the hero without figuring how what happened to him. I did however like how it focused a bit on the actual investigative lab work, as it seemingly sets up a new storyline.

This issue was a step up from the last one for the most part. This one slowed down a bit, which let the characters deal with repercussions from the Reverse-Flash fiasco. Speaking of Thawne, he died in the last issue and Iris was the one who pulled the trigger. It’s obvious that he’ll be back at some point but killing him off again just to have him come back is getting tiring.


The art is pretty great and it’s a return to the style form earlier issues. I like it and it suits the Flash. It’s more consistent than #27, makes me think it the last one was made in a shorter time span but that’s just me speculating.  Overall, I’m still disappointed on how the last story turned out at the very end, specially since it started out great. I’ll remain hope still that this new one get things back into shape. I still like the dialogue annd characters, the narrative needs a little shifting.

Rating: 7/10

– Marcos Melendez




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