Just a few weeks after Avengers: Infinity War wrapped filming, the next installment has begun. 

The culmination of the MCU up to this point, 22 films since 2008, will happen when the untitled Avengers 4 hits screens May 3, 2019. Production has started on the film, signaled by directors Antony and Joe Russo posting on Facebook.

The image lacks much context, but it’s the caption that’s important. This movie, which we still don’t actually know that much about, is the final piece of Phase 3, the end to what really started with the original Iron Man. Of course that doesn’t mean the MCU itself is ending, just that all the larger instances of foreshadowing and easter eggs led to this.

There’s probably not a whole lot of significance to the glove other than the four fingers extended, representing the fourth Avengers movie being in production. A glove might conjure up ideas of the Infinity Gauntlet, which it clearly isn’t, or the purple hue could signal Hawkeye, despite it being bulky for an archer’s nimble fingers. In all likelihood it’s probably just a glove.

Filming is currently taking place in Tokyo, with Josh Brolin confirmed to return for the picture. We don’t have a cast list, but through various interviews we know most of the heroes from Infinity War, including Spider-Man, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America, and Ant-Man (now with the Wasp) will all be appearing.

The official title of the movie has been kept a secret ever since it was renamed from Avengers: Infinity War Part 2. Apparently the title itself is somewhat a spoiler to the third movie. We don’t know when we’ll learn it, but you probably shouldn’t expect it at least until Infinity War itself releases.


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Weston Sheffield

Source: Facebook

Untitled Avengers 4 releases May 3, 2019.



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