batman-thumbjpg-a52993_1280wEpisode one starts you right in the thick of a classic Batman scenario, thugs breaking into the Mayor’s office. As the talk about the fabled Batman you know you’re early in your journey as Batman. Then suddenly he strikes, Batman arrives to defeat the thugs, in possibly one of the best Batman representations, dark menacing, and scary. The story perfectly showcases Batman, giving one of the absolute best interpretations of the Caped Crusader. Throughout the five episodes you actually experience being the great detective that Batman is, and in a game about “The Worlds Greatest Detective” you need to show that side and TellTale doesn’t disappoint.

Batman-TellTale-pic15With this game being a Batman game TellTale could have easily made the story all about Batman, but alongside his terrific story and motives is Bruce Wayne. TellTale could have just abandoned Bruce Wayne all together and just told a Batman story but they didn’t, they gave him an even better story arc than Batman. With his life as Bruce Wayne crumbling and devoting his time to also being Batman it leads to one of the classic, am I Bruce Wayne and wear a Batman mask, or am I Batman and wear a Bruce Wayne mask.3152124-19

Overall this story is great and is a truly epic story, worthy of The Dark Knight. With seeds being planted for further antagonists, that will surely, show up in season 2 of Batman TellTale, and a Bruce Wayne arc that will have you trying to improve your public image into season 2 as well. This game has earned the right to truly be called one of the great Batman games, I rate it a 9/10. This only means more great things are to come from Batman Telltale.

I apologize for the short and rushed feel of the review as we are trying to put this out there so people have a general feel of season 1 if they have yet to play it. Season 2 is currently out and we will doing an episode by episode review starting tomorrow. If you would like to tell us what you thought of season one and your current thoughts on season two tweet us at @SBArcadeCorner.

Written by- Collin Stetzner



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