Dark Nights: Metal #1 Review

Legendary Batman writer Scott Snyder re-teams with artist Greg Capullo for a story years in the making. Snyder doesn’t hold back either, with this story spanning generations of the DC Universe and putting it’s mythology to use, more so than any other DC Comic available right now. Whether that is a good thing or not is for the reader to decide (I personally enjoyed watching Snyder put so many years of storytelling to good use).

While the beginning of the issue mainly focuses on an unrelated action scene to introduce the reader to the Justice League, the action does a fantastic job of luring the reader in. The writing and Art for the book is extremely reminiscent of the early New 52 Batman days thanks to the Colorists and inkers returning to team up with Snyder and Capullo. It all feels like a reunion and it is a genuinely fun read.


While it is obvious the focus is on Batman, the story isn’t just a regular Batman story. The premise of METAL spans generations, various different characters, and the League trying to uncover the mystery of the Dark Multiverse as well as a mysterious metal known only as the ‘Nth Metal’.  While the beginning of the issue is fun action, Dark Nights: Metal #1 begins to delve into traditional Snyder storytelling halfway through, with exposition heavy panels and a lot of additional world building and call backs for the story to build off of.

Capullo’s imagery and art in this issue bounces off of Snyder’s story perfectly, as both aspects of the comic compliment each other extremely well, and the comic as a whole is very aesthetically pleasing. One complaint about the issue, though, is the exposition heavy middle act that is necessary for a first issue in an event as big as this, as well as for readers who did not read the preludes for the event to catch up on the situation, on what might be the greatest cosmic mystery the world’s greatest detective needs to solve.


By the end of the issue, you end up with more questions than answers, but in the best possible way; Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have a truly epic story on their hands, one that could change the DC Universe as we know it. After a gripping and amazing first issue, we’re looking forward to more Dark Nights: Metal to see Scott Snyder’s grand plan unfold. – Ernesto Valenzuela

GRADE – 9/10

One thought on “Dark Nights: Metal #1 Review

  1. At first this whole metal event seemed silly but the preludes (Forge and Casting) and this first issue have great and I’ve seen a lot of people complain about too much Batman which I can understand but Snyder pays off so many things just in this first issue. I love the over looming that someone or something is coming for Batman near the end.

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